Restore a recently deleted user

Google Support can't restore user accounts that have been deleted for more than five days.

After you delete a user account, you have five days to restore it. After five days, the Admin console permanently deletes the user account, and it can't be restored, even if you contact Google technical support. In most cases, restoring a deleted user account restores the user's email, calendar events, and other data. However, Google does not guarantee full data recovery for deleted users.

These conditions must be met to restore a recently deleted user:

  • You must have super administrator privileges.
  • The deleted account's username must not match any existing group, username, or email alias. If it does, you'll see a "username already exists" error message.
  • You can't exceed your maximum number of user licenses. If you try to restore a deleted user when you don't have an available license, you'll see a "domain is over user limit" error message.

To restore a recently deleted user:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Open the Active users menu at the right and choose Recently deleted users.
  3. Click the Users icon
  4. Check the box next to the user you want to restore (note that you can restore only one user at a time).

    If the user doesn't appear in this list, the account has been permanently deleted and can no longer be restored.

  5. Click .
  6. If you have multiple organizational units, select the organization where you want to assign the user.

To verify that the user account has been restored, restore your view to show Active users and select the organization you added the user to. The restored user account should appear in this list (or will appear shortly). Or if the user was suspended at the time the account was deleted, the account will be restored as suspended. In that case, choose Suspended users from the menu.