What is Google Sync?

Google Sync uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to let your users synchronize their work or school mail, contacts, and calendars to their mobile devices. They can also set up alerts (sound or vibration) for incoming messages and upcoming meetings. As a Google Workspace admin, you can enforce security policies on Google Sync devices. To learn more, see Manage your organization's mobile devices.

Google Sync is enabled by default.

Which devices support Google Sync?

  • Google Sync works with iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry 10 devices. For user set up instructions, see Set up Google Sync for iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry 10, respectively.
  • Android doesn't require Google Sync because it connects to Google Workspace. For details, see the Learning Center.
  • Read Known Issues with iOS before enabling Google Sync with iOS devices.
  • Setting up a new ActiveSync account on a user's device might remove existing data on the device. Back up the user's data before you set up Google Sync on the device.

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