Change the automatic updates for your devices

The release channel lets you automatically update Google Meet hardware devices with the latest, most stable release. You can also delay the release or try beta and test releases.

Before you begin

You can't change the release channel in your top-level organizational unit. To switch a device to a different release channel:

  1. Add an organizational unit. Learn how to Add an organizational unit.
  2. Move the device to the new organizational unit. Learn more about moving Chrome devices to an organizational unit.
    Note: You can’t update to older versions of Chrome. Moving devices to a slower release channel will not downgrade their OS.

Beta release best practices

  • Having a small percentage of your fleet updated to the upcoming release will allow you to test and escalate any concerns before the rest of your fleet gets the update.
  • Before you begin, turn on Logs and feedback as described in Manage Google Meet hardware to capture device logs.
  • Although Meet hardware beta releases are extensively tested and validated, we recommend using the Beta option for no more than 2-5% of your devices. 
  • Apply the Beta option to devices in an organizational unit that does not have child OUs. This prevents additional devices from being inadvertently updated with the Beta release. For example, you can create an OU at the lowest nested level that is used only for beta devices. 
  • Test a representative sample of your fleet, including different compute devices and different peripheral configurations. The set of devices on beta should reflect typical room configurations in your fleet.
  • Beta devices may need higher touch technical support. It is recommended that these devices be colocated with the team supporting your fleet.
  • Don't use the Beta option on critical devices, such as high visibility executive meeting spaces.

Change the release channel for devices

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. Go to Menu and then Devicesand thenGoogle Meet hardwareand thenSettings.
  3. Select a child organizational unit. You can't change the release channel in your top-level organizational unit.
  4. Select Release channel and then select an option:
    • Stable—The most reliable release. Most devices should be on this channel.

    • Delayed stable—Delays the Stable release for 30 days. Use this for very important or highly used devices that require the highest level of stability, such as board rooms, tech talks, and devices for executives.

    • Beta—Early access to the next upcoming stable release. Use the Beta release on a small number of devices to identify any issues before the Stable release is applied to a large number of devices.

    • Test—Updates are applied as early as possible before the Beta release. Use the Test channel for internal testing only. Bugs and software issues are likely to occur.

  5. Click Save

Changes can take up to 24 hours but typically happen more quickly. Learn more

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