Flexible Plan


Applies to Google Workspace and Cloud Identity Premium.

For Essentials, see How Essentials billing works.

When you select the Flexible Plan, you’re billed monthly for the number of user accounts you have that month. In U.S. dollars, for example, the standard billing rates are:

Google sometimes offers special discount pricing for Flexible Plan customers.

The Flexible Plan is recommended for organizations with a variable workforce.

User accounts

With the Flexible Plan, you can add or delete user accounts at any time and your monthly rate goes up or down accordingly. The Flexible Plan is therefore ideal for businesses with a variable-size workforce. For example, a vacation resort might add temporary workers during the Summer while retaining a smaller staff the rest of the year. The Flexible Plan lets those companies provide their temporary employees with Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium and only pay for the service while it's used. User accounts can be deleted when employees leave at the end of the summer.

How payments are calculated

You’re billed for the service you use at the beginning of the following month. For example, if you purchase the Flexible Plan for Business Starter with 7 user accounts in U.S. dollars, you’re billed $42 USD at standard pricing (7 users X $6 USD per user) at the beginning of the following month. If you keep using only 7 accounts, you continue to be billed $42 USD (at standard pricing) each subsequent month, until you cancel your subscription.

If you add or remove users during any month, we prorate your payments. If you add a user on April 1 and delete them on April 15, we charge you for only half a month of service.

Note: You can optionally pay ahead for your subscription instead of making monthly payments by adding credit to your account. For details, see Make a manual payment or pay early.

Canceling your service

With the Flexible Plan, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want, and you'll only pay for the service you've already used.

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