Test deposit failed

If your account has a billing address in the United States and you make automatic payments by bank account, we'll need to verify your bank account details before we can start debiting payments from your account. To do so, we'll make a small deposit in your bank account, and then ask you to enter the amount of the deposit on your Billing settings page.

Sometimes, our attempt to make a test deposit fails. If this happens, you'll receive an email and see a notice on your Transaction history page. There are several reasons why the test deposit might fail:

  • Your bank account information was entered incorrectly.
  • Your bank account no longer exists.
  • Your bank account has a restriction against automatic bank account payments.

If your test deposit failed, please check the accuracy of the bank account information you provided:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. Click Billing > Access billing account. Where is it? .
  3. Click Billing settings on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Find your bank account. Check whether all its details are correct.
  5. Follow the directions for your situation:
    • The bank account details are correct

      Contact your bank and ensure that there aren't any account restrictions that prevent you from using automatic bank account payments. These are also called direct debit payments.

      Once you've made sure that your bank account allows automatic payments, contact us and ask us to re-issue the test deposit.

    • The bank account details are incorrect

      You'll need to add your bank account as a new form of payment again. Here's how:

      1. While you're still on the Billing settings page, click the Add new form of payment button.
      2. Enter your form of payment information and click the Save form of payment button.
      3. On the Billing settings page again, click the drop-down menu Select as on your new form of payment and select Primary.
      4. Click Save.
      5. Wait to receive the test deposit in the bank account you just added, then verify the test deposit.

      Later, you can remove the incorrect bank account. Here's how:

      1. Click Billing settings on the left-hand side of the page.
      2. Find the listing that's incorrect and click Remove to remove it from your account.
      3. Click the Yes, remove it button.