The Jamboard 55-inch whiteboard device will reach its end of life on October 1, 2024, following its automatic update expiration (AUE) date of September 30, 2024. Learn more here.

Factory reset a Jamboard device

You can reset a Jamboard device to the factory settings. This process erases the device configuration. 

You might want to do this if you want to reuse the device in a different organization, or to clear functional issues.

Reset devices with a network connection

Deprovision a device to restore it to the factory settings.

For details, see Remove a Jamboard from your domain.

Reset and remove devices without a network connection

If the Jamboard device is not connected to your network, you can reset it manually.

  1. Power off the Jamboard.
  2. Hold the power button for approximately 5 seconds until the screen turns black.
  3. Use the volume buttons on the back of the Jamboard device to highlight Factory Data Reset, and then press the power button to select. 
  4. After the factory reset is complete, deprovision the device so the license can be reused:
    1. From the Admin console Home page, go to Devicesand thenJamboard devices.
      Some features may require having the Jamboard Management privilege.
    2. Select the Jamboard device and click Deprovision.

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