Assist users of managed Android devices

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

As a G Suite administrator, you can manage users' Android devices that are enrolled for management. If you use advanced device management, users need to install the Google Apps Device Policy app so you can enforce security policies on the device. For details about the app, see About the Google Apps Device Policy for Android.

Troubleshoot Android devices

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Error messages

Authentication failed. Please re-enter your password and try again.

This error might display after a user has installed the Google Apps Device Policy app and is trying to set it up with their G Suite account.

Have them repeat step 2 in Set up the Google Apps Device Policy app on your phone or tablet a couple times, selecting their G Suite account. They might need to reenter their password if they see this error message.

If they keep getting the error, and they've enabled 2-step verification for their account, they'll need to enter an App password instead of their G Suite password in the device.

error for [email-address].

This error might display in a user's Android status bar at the top of the screen when setting up the Google Apps Device Policy app.

When your user taps the error on their device, they're taken to a screen that says "You entered the wrong password or your account has changed. Please re-enter your password." Have your user re-enter their password.

If the user has 2-step verification enabled, they'll need to enter an App password instead of their G Suite password in the device.

Your domain requires mobile device management. Please install the Google Apps Device Policy application to enforce security policies required by the [email-address] account.

Users might get this error if you've enabled device activation and they haven't installed the Google Apps Device Policy on their device yet. Have your user tap the download button on their device to download the app.

A managed account already exists. Only one managed account is allowed for this device. 

If a user adds more than one managed G Suite account to a company-owned device or a device with a work profile, they might see this message. When more than one managed account is added to a device and the accounts have different device-management policies, conflicts can occur. The user needs to remove all but one managed account from their device. For details, see Remove an account from an Android device

This is a security-compromised device. Administrator has disabled it.

Users see this error if their device is compromised. For example, the device is rooted—a process that removes restrictions on the device. The user’s account stops syncing to the device until the problem is fixed. 

Alerts and notifications

Users will see an alert or notification on their device if:

Frequently asked questions

How do users uninstall the Google Apps Device Policy app?

See Uninstall Google Apps Device Policy app.

How do I remotely wipe a device?

See Remove corporate data from a mobile device.

How do I find out what Android version a user has on their phone?

On their device, go to Settings and then About phone and then Software information. Android version should be 2.2 or higher to work with the Google Apps Device Policy app.

How do I find out if a user has a work profile set up on their device?

On their device, go to Settings and then Accounts. Managed accounts are listed under Work.

How do users upgrade to the latest Android version?

Upgrades are usually dependent on the carrier. Contact your user's carrier for more information on their software update cycle.

I don't see Google Play on the device. How do I get it?

Android Market was rebranded as Google Play on March 6, 2012. Older devices may still refer to the app as "Android Market" or "Market".

I only want the app for a certain group in my domain. Can I enforce Google Apps Device Policy on an individual or group-level basis?

Yes. You can create organizational units and enforce specific policies for members of each unit. For more information, see How the organizational structure works.

In what countries is the Google Apps Device Policy app available?

The Google Apps Device Policy app should be available in all countries where G Suite is available. Please contact G Suite support if you're unable to set up the Google Apps Device Policy app for your organization.

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