Keep Drive for desktop up to date

As an administrator, you can avoid compatibility issues and service interruptions with Drive for desktop. To do so, keep your users on a version of Drive for desktop that Google released within the last 12 months. 

Set up auto-updates

When auto-updates is on, users always have the latest version. Your users might install and set up Google Drive for desktop themselves. However, only admins can configure auto-update settings. For more information, see Deploy Google Drive for desktop

Users get update reminders 

When an update is available to users, their system notifies them that their version of Drive for desktop expires in 7 days. 

  • Google gives users who can download and install the updated version the option to do so—or postpone the update. 
  • Those who cannot update Drive for desktop can contact their admin. They get a link they can follow to find out who their admin is.

If a user doesn’t have auto-updates set up and doesn’t update Drive for desktop within the 7 days, the version they’re using goes out of date. 

Verify updates

To verify that a user’s version of Drive for desktop is currently updated:

  1. Check which version of Drive for desktop that a user is running. Follow the steps at View laptop and desktop device details.
  2. Verify that this version is the latest. For details, see the Google Drive for desktop release notes.

Google may disable outdated versions of Drive for desktop at any time. 

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