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Check log events for Directory Sync

This page is for Directory Sync. If you’re using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), go to GCDS. Directory Sync is currently in public beta.

After you simulate or run a synchronization with Directory Sync, you can review Admin and Directory Sync log events to verify configuration changes and check if an event occurred. For example, you can review updates to users and groups after a sync.

Admin log events data

Admin log events data contain a record of any configuration change made in Directory Sync, such as when you create a sync job or add a new external directory. Learn more about Admin log events.

Directory Sync log events data

You can use the Directory Sync log events to review data about events relating to a test connection, simulation, or sync.

Check events related to Directory Sync

If you want to check whether an event occurred:

  1. Open the Directory Sync log events.

    For details, go to Access Directory Sync log event data.

  2. Click Add a filterand thenEvent.
  3. Select an event and click Apply.

    For details on events, refer to the table below on this page.

Event name Description
Group Membership Added
Group Membership Removed Group Membership Updated
Details about users and members in Google Groups, including roles in the group
Object Created
Object Deleted
Object Deprovisioned
Object Updated
Details about users and groups created, deleted, or modified in your Google cloud directory
Object Excluded
Object Excluded - Summary
Details about users and groups excluded due to exclusion rules
Object Skipped - Source object
Object Skipped - Target object
Object Skipped - Unexpected error
Source or target object that was skipped and reason why
Read Objects Details about users, groups, and attributes read from the source account
Read Objects - Initiating read from source directory
Read Objects - Initiating read from target directory
Directory Sync preparing to read users and groups from source or target account
Read Objects - Source directory read summary
Read Objects - Target directory read summary
Count of users and groups read by Directory Sync in source or target account
Sync Error
Sync Error - Individual object
Details about sync errors

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