Share resources

After you create a resource, such as a meeting room or company car, share it with your users. They can then schedule the resource by adding it to their calendar events. 

Share a resource

  1. As an administrator, open Google Calendar.
  2. In My Calendars on the left, find the resource. If it's not already there, add the resource to your "My Calendars" list.
  3. Share the resource calendar.

    If you only want some users to be able to book a resource, share with specific people and uncheck the option to share with everyone in the organization. Only the people you've shared the resource with can see when it's available. Everyone else can see the resource, but it will always appear to be booked.

    Important: If you don't allow free/busy resource booking in your organization, share the resource with at least See all event details permission. Otherwise, users can try to schedule the resource, but it will always decline the event.

  4. Test that users can schedule the resource you just shared.

Next steps

Let your users know they can now add the resource to events.

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