Test scheduling resources

After you create and share a calendar resource, here's how to test that your users can schedule the new resource.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for a newly-created resource to show up to your users. If your test is not successful, you may need to try again later.
  1. Using a different browser or computer, sign in to the calendar of a non-administrator account at http://calendar.google.com/a/primary-domain-name.

    Administrators in your organization can see all calendar events and details, including resource calendars. You should therefore test scheduling resources from the account of someone with whom you've shared the resource who is not an administrator.

  2. Create a new test meeting or open an existing meeting.

  3. Click Options "" and make sure your new resource appears in the list of resources.

    You can scroll through the list or start typing the name in the Filter box until you find it. You can use an * (asterisk) to match all strings. For example, type *Canyon to find all the resources that end with Canyon.
  4. Click Add by the resource. It should appear in the Where field for your event.

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