Stop data loss with DLP for Drive

Prevent data leaks with Data protection recommended rules

DLP recommends rules based on the Data protection insights report

Supported editions for this feature: Enterprise. Compare your edition

Using Data protection recommended rules, you can prevent sensitive data from leaking out of your organization.

How can I receive recommended rules?

You receive rule recommendations only if you have the data protection insights report turned on. To view the data protection insights report, you must be a DLP admin or an admin that received an email invitation to view the report. Go to View the new Drive DLP Data protection insights report for details.

How are recommended rules generated?

DLP recommends rules to you based on the results of the data protection insights report. For example, if the report cites that passport numbers are shared externally, DLP recommends a rule to prevent the external sharing of passport numbers.

Rule recommendations are listed in the order of data leak risk, from the highest file count of externally-shared files, to the lowest number of files shared. Not every sensitive data type listed in the report always has a corresponding recommendation.

If you already have a DLP rule that addresses the externally-shared data type, DLP won’t recommend a rule for that data type. For example, if the insights report shows that passport numbers are being shared externally but you already have implemented a DLP rule for passport numbers, DLP won't recommend a new rule for that data type.

Find the recommended rules under the data protection insights report.

Review and create DLP recommended rules

You can review the recommended rules and then create them to start using them. Browse the rules by using the "" navigation.

Be sure to review the recommended rule before you implement the rule. This review allows you to understand the rule and decide if the recommendation is relevant to your business and users. You can edit the rules before you create them.

By default, the recommended rules are in Warn on external sharing mode. You can change the default recommended rule action. Go to Create new DLP for Drive rules and custom content detectors for details.

To review and create recommended rules:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Homepage, go to Security and then Data protection.
    To find the Security on the Homepage, you might have to click More controls at the bottom.
  3. Under Rule recommendations, click Review Recommended Rule.
  4. Review the rule summary page, which shows the rule configuration settings. Click Create to implement the rule with the default recommended settings. Click Edit rule to navigate to the first step in the rule configuration flow. Or, you can click Back to navigate to rule settings and change them as needed. Go to Create new DLP for Drive rules and custom content detectors for details on creating and working with DLP rules.

    After you create the rule, you return to the Data protection Homepage and receive a confirmation message.

    As you implement a recommended rule, the rule is removed from the list of recommendations. Other rule choices may be added for your consideration.

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