Account recovery information for Support

Account information to help with password reset

If you need to contact Google Workspace Support for help resetting your Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity Super administrator account password, you may be asked for the following information to prove that you own the account.

When you created your Google Workspace account

If you don't know the date you created your Google Workspace account, here are some ways to find out:

  • Find for your initial sign-up email. Search for a welcome message from in your recovery email account, or in another email account you might have used when signing up.
  • Ask your contacts. If you use Gmail, ask friends and family when they first got an email from your account.
  • Think about related events or purchases. Try to remember if you created your account when you:
    • Had an important life event, like starting a business.
    • Bought a new device. Look for any receipts or contracts that could be helpful.
    • Or were first charged for your account.

When you made your last payment to Google Workspace

Check your credit card or bank statement to see when your card or bank account was last charged by Google Workspace.

Learn more about the terminology used by Support

Google Workspace Support may ask for information or use terms you’re unfamiliar with. Here are some common terms and definitions:

  • Domain Alias An additional domain you can add to your primary Google Workspace, to provide your users with different email addresses than their primary addresses.
  • Secondary Domain An additional domain associated with your primary account domain, where you can create user accounts.
  • Group  A group set up for a subset of your domain’s users, such as a particular department or service group, with its own email (such as
  • User An individual account you create for someone in your organization, to allow them to use Google services.
  • Secondary/Recovery email address The email address you supplied when you first signed up for Google Workspace. This is an email address outside the domain used for your account. Google occasionally sends important account and service notifications to this address.
  • Bank transfer reference number A unique reference number assigned to your specific transfer, sometimes known as a payment ID.

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