Set up GCPW and Windows device management together

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You can provide the best experience for your Windows users and admins by deploying both Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW) and Windows device management.

Deployment overview

We recommend a three stage deployment process, described in the following table.

Note: Preparation steps can be done simultaneously and in any order.

Deployment stage Windows device management GCPW
1. Prepare
2. Test Install GCPW in your test environment
3. Deploy and enroll

Deploy GCPW on all devices and share GCPW training resources with users.

When users sign in to GCPW for the first time, GCPW and Windows policies are applied.

Stage 1: Preparation

Before you deploy GCPW and Windows device management, you need to decide on how you want GCPW to work and which policies you want to apply to Windows devices.

These setup steps can be done simultaneously and in any order.


Read Prepare to install GCPWand address the following:

  • Choose a password management strategy
  • Review password complexity settings
  • Set account permissions (decide if users have admin access and give access to your support team)
  • Choose how to manage GCPW settings
  • If you manually install GCPW, account for automatic enrollment in Windows device management
  • (Optional) Associate Google Accounts with existing Windows profiles.

For Windows device management

Stage 2: Testing

On devices in your test environment, install GCPW. Confirm the following:

  • GCPW works as desired.
  • Your Windows settings are applied to the device.
  • Support accounts can access the device.

Stage 3: Deployment and enrollment

You can now install GCPW on all devices you want to manage. If your organization has many Windows devices to manage, you can use the sample PowerShell script or an app distribution tool.

When users first sign in, devices automatically enroll in Windows device management, get GCPW settings, and get Windows settings.

We recommend you share GCPW training resources with your users to guide them through the initial sign-in.

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