Overview: Integrate 3rd-party apps with Google Workspace

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You can integrate Google Workspace with a variety of 3rd-party or custom applications, to enhance existing Google Workspace services or use new features with Google Workspace. Here are your options for setting up secure access from other apps and services.

Marketplace apps

The Google Workspace Marketplace offers more than 5000 3rd-party apps that enhance and extend Google Workspace services including Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Calendar. The apps are available in a wide range of categories: business tools, document management, workflow, education, sales, and customer relationship management.

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Apps pre-integrated for SSO (Google as IdP)

Google offers pre-integrated Single sign-on (SSO) for over 200 popular cloud apps. We use the SAML Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 standard, which provides authentication and authorization between service providers and an identity provider (IdP). The pre-integrated apps use Google as the IdP and support automated user provisioning.

You can also use Google as your IdP to set up SSO for an app that's not in our catalog of pre-integrated apps. 

For details: Set up SSO with Google as your identity provider

Apps that use SSO with a 3rd-party IdP

You can set up SAML-based SSO if you use a 3rd-party IdP to authenticate your users--such as Microsoft Entra ID or Okta. In this case, users sign in to their 3rd-party IdP using a federated identity. They then access Google services directly without a second sign-in.

For details: Set up SSO using a third-party identity provider


Dashboard apps that don't support SAML-based SSO

If your app doesn't support SAML-based SSO and is on the user Dashboard, you can set up secure access to it using the Password vaulted service. In this case, users can sign in to the app from their Dashboard. You can add pre-integrated or custom password vaulted apps.

For details: Manage access to password vaulted apps

LDAP-based apps

To integrate an LDAP app or client, such as OpenVPN, Atlassian Jira, or FreeRadius, use the Secure LDAP service. In this case, you use a cloud-based LDAP server for authentication, authorization, and directory lookups.

For details: Secure LDAP: Connect LDAP-based apps and services

Apps that access Drive files

You can let users open Drive files with 3rd-party apps such as those in the Google Workspace Marketplace, or with Google Apps Scripts that use the Google Drive API. People might use these apps to edit images and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flow charts, and more.

You can also control whether people in your organization can use the Drive API to programmatically access Drive content from your domain. 

For details: Allow third-party apps for Drive files


Mobile apps

Control which Android or iOS apps your users can find and install on their mobile devices. These can include public, 3rd-party apps and private Android apps.

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