Add & bundle extra channels with Entertainment Plus

Enjoy HBO Max, STARZ, and SHOWTIME at a discounted rate by signing up for the Entertainment Plus add-on bundle. Or, opt for one of our single entertainment add-ons instead. 

To decide what’s right for you, read below to learn what you get with each of these add-on options, and how to purchase.

What you get with Entertainment Plus:

  • HBO Max

With Entertainment Plus, you get all three networks for $29.99 per month. 

Tips to keep in mind
  • We don’t offer a free trial for Entertainment Plus, but you can sign up to try the individual networks offered before subscribing to the bundle. 
  • If you already subscribe to Entertainment Plus channels as single add-ons: 
    • You won’t automatically switch to being billed for Entertainment Plus. 
    • If you’d like to sign up for Entertainment Plus, then you need to first unsubscribe from these add-ons individually. Then, sign up for Entertainment Plus. After that, you’ll be billed for the bundle going forward. 
  • If you’ve already purchased HBO Max outside of YouTube TV, it won’t carry over to your YouTube TV subscription. If you’d like to access HBO Max as part of your YouTube TV package, then you’ll need to buy Entertainment Plus, or buy the individual HBO Max add-on in the YouTube TV app. After that, you’ll be able to login to the HBO Max app using your YouTube TV account credentials.

Get HBO Max, HBO, or Cinemax

If you’d prefer to add a single network, you can subscribe to HBO Max, HBO, or Cinemax individually.

What’s included with HBO Max & HBO

You can choose between HBO Max and HBO to find the right content fit for you. Here’s what’s included with each:
  • HBO Max: access to the HBO channel, HBO video on demand content, and HBO Max exclusive content (available in the HBO Max app only). Additionally, HBO Max includes streaming directly on the network site via YouTube TV Everywhere* - which is included at no additional cost in your base membership to YouTube TV.
  • HBO: access to the HBO channel and HBO video on demand content. The HBO add-on does not include access to streaming directly on the network’s site.
*Only the head of household’s sign in info will work for streaming directly on the HBO Max network site and the HBO Max app.

What’s included with Cinemax

With the Cinemax add-on, YouTube TV subscribers get access to the Cinemax live feed and video on demand content. The Cinemax add-on does not include access to streaming directly on the network’s site. 

How to purchase an add-on network

To purchase, remove, or understand billing for an add-on network, visit this page.


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