Info about YouTube TV price changes

We built YouTube TV to bring you a reimagined TV experience. We're making changes to pricing to keep bringing you the best service possible.

Price Changes

Due to the rising cost of content, we’re updating our membership pricing to reflect the complete value of YouTube TV. The new price for a Base Plan is $72.99 per month. This change will go into effect for new subscribers starting March 16, 2023.

The updated price will continue to include 100+ channels, a DVR with unlimited storage, up to 6 accounts per household, and 3 concurrent streams. No additional fees are required for broadcast, HD, set-top box, or DVR.

We’re also lowering the price for our 4K Plus add-on package from $19.99 to $9.99 per month. This change will go into effect for all subscribers starting March 16, 2023.

Key dates for new & existing members

Starting March 16, 2023, new YouTube TV subscribers will sign up at our updated Base Plan membership price of $72.99 monthly.

Existing YouTube TV Base Plan subscribers will see this new price reflected on their first monthly bill on or after April 18, 2023.

If you're an existing member, you can check the status of your account and view your billing date by navigating to Settings and then Membership in YouTube TV.

Paused members

If your membership is currently paused, you’ll automatically be charged the new monthly price for YouTube TV when you unpause your membership.

Learn more about pausing or canceling your membership.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you increasing the price?

As content costs have risen and we continue to invest in the quality of our service, we’re updating our price to keep bringing you the best possible TV experience.

Will you offer more plan options in the future? I don’t want to pay this much when I don’t watch the majority of channels.

We offer a variety of packages in YouTube TV that you can subscribe to without having the Base Plan. Some select add-on networks are only available with a Base Plan.
You can also explore YouTube Primetime Channels for more standalone channel offerings. Learn more about how you can sign up to purchase a Primetime Channel on YouTube.

I’m a YouTube TV subscriber billed via Google Play. How does this impact my billing?

If you subscribe to YouTube TV via Google Play:
  • You’ll be charged the new monthly price ($72.99) for a YouTube TV Base Plan on your first billing cycle on or after June 15, 2023.
  • You’ll see the new price of our 4K Plus add-on package ($9.99) on your first billing cycle on or after July 17, 2023.

What is happening to my special offer price?

If you are currently on a Base Plan promotional price or a trial, that promotion is still honored and unchanged. After that, you will pay the new standard base price of $72.99.

How can I share feedback?

To share feedback, select your profile picture in the YouTube TV app or website, and then select Send Feedback.

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