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Switch accounts in YouTube TV

If you're part of a family group sharing YouTube TV, you can easily switch between accounts on all of your devices. 

Note: When you switch accounts, your viewing preferences or recordings will not be shared across accounts. Learn more about shared YouTube TV memberships.

Switch accounts 

  1. Select your profile picture. 
  2. Select the drop-down.
  3. Choose an account:
    • If the account is already signed in, select it to proceed.
    • If the account isn't already signed in, select Add account and add your Google Account details to proceed. 
Note: If you switch accounts on one device, like your TV, you'll only be switching on that specific device.

Remove an account

  1. Select your profile photo. 
  2. Select Switch account .
  3. Select Remove  under the account you'd like to remove. 
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