Taxes on YouTube TV

As a YouTube TV member, you may see sales and/or communications taxes on your YouTube TV monthly bill, depending on local tax laws in your location. Tax rates and types can vary by state, territory, or city, and are based on current rates at the time of your monthly charge. These amounts can change over time depending on local tax requirements.

Taxes on your membership

If you purchased your membership on a computer or Android device, all relevant taxes will be charged by Google. You can find tax details by tapping your profile photo > Settings  > Billing  in YouTube TV. 

If you purchased your membership on an iOS device: Apple manages sales taxes for purchases in the App Store, so you may see sales taxes on your Apple receipt when you sign up for YouTube TV.

Depending on local laws in your home area, you may also be charged additional non-sales taxes on your service. These taxes, such as communications taxes, would appear on your YouTube TV bill when you purchase YouTube TV.

How location is determined for tax purposes

Taxes are based on the home area where you set up your service. Learn how to update your home location if you've moved

How new or adjusted taxes will appear on your bill

If a new or adjusted tax becomes required for your location, the change will automatically show up on your bill. You can find tax details by tapping your profile photo > Settings Billing  in YouTube TV.
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