Watch multiple events on one screen in multiview on YouTube TV

When watching in multiview on YouTube TV, you get up to four predefined live streams simultaneously on one single screen without switching between channels.

How to Watch Sports on YouTube TV

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Keep in mind:
  • You may see 2–4 streams shown together based on program start and end times.
  • Multiview is currently available for YouTube TV on:
    • Smart TVs and streaming media players
    • iPhone and iPad devices (AirPlay not supported)
    • Android phones and tablets

Open multiview to watch multiple channels at once

You can select one of our pre-set multiview streams from a few different places within the YouTube TV app on your smart TV, or mobile device:

  • From the Home tab, you may see multiview stream options in the “Top Picks for You” or “Watch in multiview” rows. Choose a multiview stream to open it.
  • From the Home, Live, or Search tabs, choose a live game to open it. If available, select Watch in multiview.

To close a multiview stream, hit the back button.

Change the audio track while watching multiview

You can easily switch between audio sources and captions while viewing multiple live programs:

  • On a smart TV or streaming device: Use the direction pad on your remote to highlight the view you want to hear. 
  • On a mobile device: Tap the view you want to hear.

You’ll see a white border around the view providing the current audio.

Switch to full screen

At any point while viewing a multiview stream, you can make one channel full screen.

To switch to full screen on a smart TV:

  • Use the direction pad on your remote to highlight the view you want to see in full screen.
  • Press the Select button on your remote to go to full screen.
  • Press the Back button on your remote to return to the multiview setup.

To switch to full screen on your mobile device:

  • First, tap the view you want. This will change the audio track.
  • Then, tap the view with active audio to see it in full screen.
  • Tap the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the multiview setup.

Manage watch history for multiview

Find videos you’ve watched using multiview in your YouTube TV watch history. You can individually manage or delete each video you’ve viewed. To delete an entire multiview session, erase all videos from the multiview session.

Learn how to delete your watch history.

Watch NFL Sunday Ticket in multiview

NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers can choose from an extensive assortment of multiview streams every Sunday starting about 30 minutes before gametime.

  • NFL RedZone: If you signed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL RedZone, your multiview options will include both out-of-market games and RedZone.
  • Local games: With a YouTube TV Base Plan, multiview options will also include a few combinations with your local NFL games side by side with select NFL Sunday Ticket games. Combinations are algorithmically pre-determined for your local market.

You have a few different options to find NFL games in multiview on YouTube TV:

  • At the top of your Home tab in the “Top picks for you” row
  • Further down the Home tab in the “Watch in multiview” row
  • Start watching an NFL game or RedZone. Press down on your remote to see multiview options that only include the current game you’re watching.

Can I choose what to watch in multiview?

No. Our goal with multiview is to make it available to everyone with a television. Since most devices don’t have the hardware to support multiview, we have to do the processing of video feeds on our servers to make multiview possible.

This means that every unique combination watched in multiview uses limited data center and computational resources. Because each region has unique, local content, we are especially constrained on the number of combinations we can create that include local feeds. We try to select the best combinations based on expected popularity, and are always improving our processes.

However, in cases where there are many multiview streams available, you can select Build a multiview to help you find your preferred preselected combination with ease.

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