Fix issues accessing benefits after being billed for a YouTube TV membership

You may have tried to make a purchase, or seen a charge notification (such as a message from your mobile carrier), but you don't have access to what you bought. This can happen if your charge is still being processed, or has been declined.

About authorization holds and pending transactions

Pending charges on Google Pay or your card statement are authorization holds that haven’t been processed yet.

It’s possible to see a few pending charges for the same subscription payment, as each pending charge represents an authorization attempt. If a charge is "Pending" instead of processed, it has not been charged to you. Any unsuccessful card authorization attempts for a payment will drop off from your statements on their own and will not be billed to you.

How to check a pending charge

  • Check your billing statement or Google Pay. If you click into the transaction on Google Pay, you should see the purchase listed as a "Pending" charge rather than completed.
  • You can also check Google Pay at any time for alerts or requests to fix account issues. For example, you may need to verify your identity on Google Pay before being able to purchase using your Google account.
  • If you don’t see any alerts or requests on Google Pay, keep in mind that this pending charge could either:
    • Resolve typically within 1-14 business days.
    • Disappear on its own during this time if the payment is declined by your payment provider.
  • If you are still seeing a pending charge after this time, please get in touch with your payment provider.

How to check a declined charge

You can double check the status of your purchase in Google Pay. Google Pay should show the transaction status as "Declined". Learn more about how to fix a declined payment for your YouTube TV membership.

If your billing statement is still showing a "Pending" charge for this payment, this should go away on its own within 1-14 business days, or disappear on its own during this time, if it is declined. If you’re still seeing a pending charge after this time, please get in touch with your payment provider.

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