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Networks you can purchase without a YouTube TV Base Plan

YouTube TV subscribers wanting more flexibility can choose certain networks without subscribing to the full channel offering. Some networks are only available to purchase with a YouTube TV Base Plan subscription.

To subscribe to any of these add-ons or packages, you must keep your Base Plan active:

  • 4K Plus
  • Sports Plus
  • Entertainment Plus
  • AMC+
  • HBO
  • Spanish Plus

To see which individual networks you can purchase without the Base Plan, go to your YouTube TV account settings:
Open the YouTube TV app.

  • Go to your profile photo "" and then Settings.
  • To view add-on networks, select Membership.
  • You’ll see “Requires Base Plan” under any add-on network that requires a YouTube TV Base Plan subscription. If a network does not say “Requires Base Plan,” then you can purchase the network individually.
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