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Youtube premium for family Can I add a girl to the family plan on YouTube premium for the family? Unfortunately, we live separa…
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YouTube Music promocode for 3 months - where can I enter it? I have a promocode for YT Music (or YT Premium, not sure) for 3 months - won it on festival. Unfortu… I need to pay to get my account running again and my pay check was late can you please helpe get my To get my account up and running again due to late payment I have a promo code for three free months of ytm, main page states only 1 month I have a Sandisk promo code for three month free access to YT Music, I entered the code at yt.be/san…
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Hello. I paid for a premium membership, but I still get commercials between songs! What can I do ? I upgraded my membership to stop listening to fu... commercials, but even after i paid and refreshed…
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My accoint was charged 9.99 for a subscription. I would like to unsubscribe Unsubscribe
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I want to cancel my subscription pls Cancel my premium Hi i have been charged for youtube red for months and i do not have it on my account. I have been trying to contact youtube and it is impossible. I have been charged 9.99 per month for y…
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Announcing YouTube Premium & YouTube Music Premium Student Plans Hi everyone, Today, we’re introducing new student plans for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Aus…
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Which country to take membership from? I live in Turkey but travel to India and sometimes am in India for a month. I would like to take mem…
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My YouTube Music iOS app just all the sudden stopped letting me exit and still Background music play Background music play all the sudden stopped working. It worked an hour ago, but now it doesn’t work…
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I want my money back didn’t authorize this I want my money back I didn’t authorize this
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I paused my membership and now I want to resume it and now it says I have to pay? Help please? I've tried re-downloading the app. I tried to think it was just my phone being glitchy but that wasn…
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Followed the link provided to redeem Skullcandy 3 free months and it did not work Bought Skullcandy headphones it came with a code for 3 free months of YouTube premium followed the l…
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It keeps telling me my password is wrong It keeps saying my password is wrong
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