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What can I do to avoid YouTube music to randomly stop playing music? I disabled mobile data and used WiFi but the same problem keeps going. Then I disabled the WiFi and … Is Offline Mixtape broken now? I can no longer download an offline mixtape (or access "your mixtape online, as a seperate issue) af…
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YouTube Music won't let me cancel free trial of music premium just says unable to cancel your order Have tried to cancel but always says unable to cancel I've went the settings and done everything but… When I play music it does not show the music videos, though I know YoutTube has the videos. When I play music it does not show the music videos, though I know YoutTube has the videos. When I f… How do I get youtube music to play using voice commands? So when I say to my phone "ok google, play some music on youtube music" it opens the youtube video a… Have YouTube call me back My movie is not working and the codes that were previously given to me do not work and it's really p…
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FAQ: My YouTube Music app keeps crashing. What do I do? If your YouTube Music app is crashing, try the following steps to resolve the issue: Quit the app an…
0 Recommended Answers 21 Replies 124 Upvotes
Google Home can't play YouTube Premium ("needs video device") Hello there, I subscribed to YouTube Premium the day it got available in Germany, but unfortunately,… How can I get the old version of YouTube music I would like to uninstall the new version of YouTube Music and download the older version before the… YouTube music offline mix does not refresh every 24 hours YouTube Music offline mix tape is supposed to refresh every 24 hours. It does not. Additionally, for…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 11 Upvotes
Songs within my playlists aren't playing I created several playlists months ago and imported them from Spotify. I have since added songs from…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 96 Upvotes
many playback errors in form of "an error occured playback ID: #####" Happens with WiFi and Data. Many playback issues, can't restart via headset, strong internet connection. In case of connection l…
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