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Is there any upcoming feature that allows you to sort alphabetically your playlists and songs in it Small chances, my question will be picked up, but I'll give it a shot anyway. I'd like to be able to… I have paid 9.99 for Youtube premium and cancelled. But, it is now 11.99, can I have my previous one To have previous price There is not any cancel option in manage option of YouTube music. So there is not any option to canc Is there is any more option to cancel free trial of YouTube music
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Redeem Skullcandy coupons I have a 3 month Skullcandy coupon for YouTube Red, and I can't get it to work. Albums missing in Youtube Music while being available on Google Play Music Hi there I'm a Youtube premium member, and I'm using GPM I wanted to switch to Youtube Music, so I t…
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Oi youtube you should make a thing where you should not have to pay even tho you have a code Fuck youtube Fuck youtube Fuck youtube Fuck youtube Fuck youtube Fuck youtube
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How can I move or copy songs from liked playlist Hello. I have two playlists. One created manually by me and one created automatically with songs I l…
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hace unos días trate de hacer un directo pero me dice que se me revoco la capacidad dice que me revoco la capacidad publicitaria y que no está roto los lineamientos de la comunidad
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I changed carriers to att, how can I change billing to att Change to att for billing
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Videos wont play in the background My videos wont play in the background Am I yet able to upload my own music library to my YouTube Music? Or transfer it from myGoogle Play? I want to upload all my MP3s and ripped CDs to YouTube Music, like i did to Google Play Music. Is th… Sync YouTube music across devices Is there a way I can listen to music on my Pixelbook, then switch over and continue listening on my …
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When are you guys releasing Youtube Music for Sri Lanka? We are waiting for this app to be accessed. Hello, I am From Srilanka, we would like to access Youtube from Srilanka. Could you please let us kn…
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Redesign "now playing" screen Hello, Please consider redesigning the "now playing" screen as it looks a bit bland. I'm talking abo…
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Light mode? Is there a way to get "Light mode" for youtube music? While most people like dark theme for everythi… Liked shuffle doesn't truly shuffle the playlist and repeats songs. When I play music from the liked playlist in the YouTube Music App and shuffle the list I end up wit…
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Playlists missing in YT music library, playlists In the new YT Music app if I go to library, -> playlists only 4 playlists show up. I have about 100 …
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Downloads are constantly disappearing and have to be downloaded again and again Hello everybody, I do not understand why nobody can help me with my problem. I have already posted i…
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App stops playback or closes anytime another app plays a video, usually an ad. Can I prevent this? Anytime I'm playing music through the app in the background, and another app decides to play a video…
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