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FAQ: Can I close the YouTube Music app and still listen to music in the background? If you’d like to continue listening to music while you use other apps or when your screen is off, th…
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Disput all payments How can I cancalle and get all my money bkk Problem with YT Music randomly pausing on mobile? I am having problems with my YouTube music randomly pausing at times. There is no issue with phantom…
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How we can get playlist on basis of genre in iOS App? I want to develop and app which show user playlist on the basis of genre, for example if user is hap…
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Carplay support for Youtube Music iOS Hello, Is there any plan to add CarPlay on the Youtube Music App? It’s kind of a deal breaker and it… Well there be an Apple Watch App? Having an apple watch app would be nice to play a playlist without my phone. Either using cellular (…
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Any way i can hit one major sign out button for my account on any device that i might have used?? Somebody had one of my old phones and I want to make sure they didnt try to copy my phone onto their…
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Free trial for one month I haven't been trying anything yet
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FAQ: What Google Play Music features are coming to YouTube Music? We’re working on adding the Google Play Music features you love into YouTube Music. Here are a few f…
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YouTube Music promocode for 3 months - where can I enter it? I have a promocode for YT Music (or YT Premium, not sure) for 3 months - won it on festival. Unfortu… I have YouTube Premium, but no Google Play music Hi, I have YouTube Premium, but if I go in my Google Pllay Music app, it still tells me 'free accoun… Downloads are constantly disappearing and have to be downloaded again and again Hello everybody, I do not understand why nobody can help me with my problem. I have already posted i…
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When is Android Auto support coming? The lack of support and updates is really annoying. All my family members moved from Spotify to YTM but the lack of updates, specially the lack of suppo…
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Android Auto support is lacking After waiting forever for Android Auto support to come to YouTube Music, I've found that it is lacki…
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Had a music of mine disappear from youtube music Had a music of my band disappear from youtube music. the whole album and the other two tracks are st…
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