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Last edited 4/18/19
We’re excited to announce that you can now listen to YouTube Music on your Google Home speakers (or other Google Assistant-powered speakers) just by using your voice! Starting today, select YouTube Music as your default music provider in the Home app, and start listening to your favorite music through your speaker.

  • For even more control when listening to music on smart speakers or in the YouTube Music mobile app, upgrade to YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Music Premium on your smart speakers gives you the ability to request specific albums, songs, artists, and playlists on-demand, and offers useful player controls like unlimited skips and song replay.
  • An upgrade to YouTube Music Premium also lets you background play music through the YouTube Music app while using other apps, and allows downloads for offline listening when you’re on the go. Best of all, listening is completely ad-free across all surfaces. If you’re new to YouTube Music Premium try it free for 30 days, or sign-up for $9.99/month.

More information and FAQs: 

Q: How do I set it up for my Google Home?
If you already have a Google Home, navigate to Account Settings in your Google Home app, tap Services and select Music. Then, select YouTube Music as the default music service. Detailed instructions in our Help Center.  

If you’re setting up a new Google Home speaker, choose YouTube Music as the default music service during the setup process.

Q: Why does my Google Home only allow me to select Google Play Music as my default music service when YouTube Music just launched in my country? Why can’t I select YouTube Music?
Our new YouTube Music service is in the process of rolling out. You'll be able to select YouTube Music as your default music service in Google Home very soon!

Music fans can now listen to free, ad-supported YouTube Music on smart speakers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, and Austria, with more countries coming soon.

Q: Can I request a song, album or playlist on my smart speakers?
Great question! Smart speakers will stream music for you that is closely related to the album, song, or playlist that you request. They cannot play specific requests on-demand unless you have a YouTube paid membership. If you’re interested, you can learn more about paid memberships.

Q: Can I repeat/replay a song on my smart speaker?
You can only repeat or replay a song on your smart speakers if you have a YouTube paid membership – more about paid memberships.

Q: Can I skip a song while streaming on my smart speakers?
Yes, you can skip up to 6 songs per hour while streaming music. You can also request a different song, album or playlist which will change what YouTube Music is streaming to your device, but you cannot make specific on-demand requests, unless you have a YouTube paid membership.

Q: How often will I hear an ad?
Audio advertisements play every few songs. You can skip the ads by joining YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium – more about paid memberships.

Q: How do I go back to a previously played song?
When using a smart speaker as a free user, you will have limited navigation and will not be able to select the previous track. You can play a previously played song with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription – more about paid memberships.

Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

Happy listening,
Jordan (TeamYouTube)
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Google user
I'm haveing a hard time with renewing my you tube music premium and I need to reboot
Last edited 5/2/19
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Google user
I need to renew my you tube music premium and I'm haveing a hard time with it
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Google user
I'm not able to renew my membership with you tube music premium
Last edited 7/1/19
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Today the Service is already broken. It plays one song (always the same) and then says that there is a problem.
Anyway you should follow "spotify-way" not just on smartspeaker, but also in smarpthone.
Otherwise the "music-streaming-war" is already lost.
People start using spotify (on smarpthone) cause it's free and usable.... they love it... and then subscribe to premium.
Your free-version of YoutubeMusic on smartphone is unusable... people hate it... and then use Spotify.
Last edited 6/13/19
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I read an article that this is supposed to be for the Echo devices as well. You should be able to say, "Alexa play Youtube Music". Please advise when should we expect to see this on the Alexa devices.
Last edited 6/11/19
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It's been more than one month. Do you have an update on the next batch of countries?
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Wait, I'm from Brazil but on a travel I brought to my Country a Google Home and a Google Home Mini, but on my Home app there's no YouTube Music available, only YouTube (Regular), so, always that I ask my Google Home to play something on YouTube Music it insists into turn it on my TV and put the video over there.
Any future app update for Brazil?

Best regards,
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I have the same issue. Youtube music isn't available in Russia on a smart speakers, when will it be fixed? Thank you!
Last edited 7/26/19
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Audio quality says Australia on YouTube music Desktop. 

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