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Hi everyone,

Today, we announced on our official YouTube Music blog a new migration process that allows you to transfer your favorite content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music effortlessly. We’ve been focused on improving the YouTube Music experience and bringing Google Play Music’s most loved features to it. We’re now inviting you to make the simple move to YouTube Music!

Transferring all your favorite content between the two services is easy 
Your uploads and purchases, playlists, stations, likes & dislikes, albums and songs in your library can be moved over with a single click at music.youtube.com/transfer. We’re rolling this tool out over the next couple of weeks. If you do not have access yet, you will soon and we will notify you via email and in the app when it’s available to you!

The transfer can take a few minutes or up to a few days to complete, depending on how much content you have to move over. Once you’ve completed the transfer, you can use either app to continue your listening experience or make the switch over to YouTube Music (where you’ll easily be able to locate your transferred data). You can also transfer more than once. Learn more about how to transfer your Google Play Music account or watch this video!

Here’s all that you’ll be able to transfer across the two services:
  • Your Library: You’ll be able to easily transfer uploaded & purchased songs, your stations (known as Playlists on YouTube Music) as well as the rest of your library – including albums and songs – across the apps. Note that you may see discrepancies in numbers if you’ve used YTM in the past and some songs were already part of your library or if some songs were duplicated during the transfer process. Additionally, certain songs or albums may not transfer due to rights or licensing issues. More on this at our Help Center.
  • Your likes and dislikes: We’ll also update your profile so that you get personalized recommendations in YouTube Music based on your Google Play Music listening history, as well as the content you’ve previously given a thumbs up or down to. Note – your “thumbs ups” will be moved to your “Likes” playlist. 
  • Your billing information: If you’re currently paying for a Google Play Music subscription, we’ll also convert it to the equivalent tier of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium (based on the level of benefits with your current subscription). Your monthly rate and billing details, including your billing date, will remain the same and transfer to YouTube Music. If you manage your family account, you are the only one who can transfer the billing. More info at our Help Center.

NOTE – YouTube Music does not support podcasts, so you won’t be able to transfer your podcasts from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Instead, you can easily move your podcast info to the Google Podcasts app. More on this here

– Hazel (TeamYouTube)
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Will YouTube Music be able to select the proper songs when playing an album and play those songs in the album's track order?  All these years, and Google Play Music still can't do it.
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Will my uploads stream at high quality like my uploads did on GPM with a free membership?
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The upload section in Youtube Music is still lacking features compared to Goole Play Music. No play count, not able to download my own uploaded songs, not able to edit the tags after uploading the songs. I wonder if these features are still waiting to be migrated or not in the scope at all? I got rid of and lost some of my CDs. Losing these features means that I can no longer rely on Google to keep the backup and manage my library.
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When can we do it in the UK? And as mentioned above please fix the play queue problem. Surly some of you browse and listen to music as well!
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I have a Google play music unlimited subscription...there seems to be a lack of clarity about which plan I will have to go into...I was an early subscriber to Google play music at 7.99 per month... Which service will I be transferred to?  Thanks!
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"The YouTube channel you're currently using isn't supported for the Google Play Music transfer. Switch to another YouTube channel associated with this account (xxx@xxx.xxx.xxx) to continue transferring. Learn more [zero relevant info in the 'learn more' link]"

Why am I the least bit surprised this doesn't work? :-D
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Will you implement direct cast to Sonos devices from Youtube Music?  If not, I'll be changing services.
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What? Why do you even need to mix video service and music service? YouTube music is a mess. I have had my autogenerated playlist on GPM with all the tracks I liked (thumbs uped) and now it is messed with all the videos I liked. So I can't just play my Thumbs Up playlist anymore without listening to some street performances or whatever I liked on YouTube.
Recommendations are even worse than they were. Why does YTM recommends me new rap and pop when I have not a single artist liked or added in my library? Why do I need music videos in my library at all? 
Google, what the heck? This is not transferring, this is just completely killing pretty good service you have had.
If the transition takes place I would move to Spotify/Yandex.Music with no regret at all.
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All sounds really really great.

BUT the no go for me is that you haven't fixed casting from Android YTM to Sonos speakers!

No one seem to understand or can give an answer on why casting to Sonos is totally possible and has been working like a charm a long long time now on Google Play Music.   BUT that is NOT so for YTM, it is simply ignored to death by YTM, Sonos is nowhere to be found as a stream enabled device from inside YTM,  yet is easily available in GPM. 

I am NOT going to buy another gizmo like Chromecast Audio to get this to work for me,
I am going back to Spotify if GPM stops working before YTM can stream to my Sonos speakers.
Still missing the great music suggestions, the auto generated lists from Spotify, GPM stinks at that!

Is this is the Google evil no one likes? Protectionism like Apple?  Or is it down to Sonos?? 

Why why why?
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Is there no way in your library to see for an artist which songs or albums are in your library? If I'm in the mood to listen to an artist but I only like some of their songs then I see no way to pick them out? I really don't want to have to go to the songs view and trawl through my entire library of thousands of songs to see which ones are in there for this artist.
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Why instruction doesn`t work with my account? When I`m vistiting  site https://music.youtube.com/transfer there appear the massage "We'll notify you when it's your turn to transfer your Google Play Music account. Thanks for your patience". I live in Ukraine,  maybe problem in this? Will you help me?
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I see no transfer option in either!
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I live in Canada and I see no transfer option either
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No transfer option, in United States. Is this not fully rolled out yet?
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So I now have to pay for a commercial-free way of listening to my own music?

I use GPM as a music server only. I don't listen to podcasts through it, I don't use their suggested stations, I don't even create playlists. I just listen to music that I've uploaded. And it's all commercial free. Now I have to listen to commercials or pay a subscription, even if all I listen to is my uploads?
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Well this isn't good.  I spent weeks ripping my cd collection to my pc so I could upload it all into google music when it started back in 2011.  Was a great way to keep all my music in one place for my android phone to play off of.

Now I have to transfer, which doesn't work, to youtube music and use their paid service so I don't hear commercials on my own music.  What kind of BS is that? 

If they make it so music you transferred or bought through google music should be exempted from commercials on our account.  It only seems right to do so.
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Let me transfer already
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Do not work. Nothing works as you described.
In fact, you've robbed me. I can't listen to music that I've bought neither on GPM, nor on YM.
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Can you make YouTube music like Google play music, where when you close all windows, the music still plays? It would be better 👍
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Ceb336 Yes you can! Those on free YouTube Music subscriptions can pick from low or normal quality playback, while those on paid YTM subscriptions can additionally choose high quality playback.
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@Matt Minyard In YouTube Music, you will be able to play an album in the original order that was intended by the Artist!
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It turns out you can not transfer to a 'brand' i.e. nickname YouTube account. Only to a 'personal' i.e. real name account. Why would I ever, _ever_ want to use my real name on YouTube? Thus I am locked out of my GPM transfer by what seems to be the very dumbest of utterly pointless limitations :-(
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It Doesn't work for me. Whenever I close all windows music stops!
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It's still lack lots of features of GPM
1. No download option on desktop.
2. No background play on desktop.
3. Only dark mode available on app or website.
4. No play count like GPM.
5. No edit song info or suggestions like GPM.
6. App still looks so complicated. 
7. No lyrics for uploaded song. 
8. Audio quality only have 3 options low, normal,and high.
9. No artists info like GPM.

1. Now I can upload from mobile chrome browser too.
2. Upload limit extended to 100000
3. Playlist count extended to 5000
4. Audio playing UI is good in comparison to GPM. In GPM artwork is not properly shown.
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So, I like to listen to music in browser while working. And now I can't:
1) I do not have the transfer available yet
2) I can't open google music since it automatically redirects me to youtube music page.

Dear google, please turn off all those limitations and redirections until you are 100% sure everyone has the ability to transfer. If that's not fixed asap I'll have to change the service, since I'm not paying you money for not being able to listen to my music
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Ok, multiple issues. First, no one was notified what the crap was going on with the servers yesterday/day before and I assume this update was why everything from E-Trade to YouTube crapped their collective pants at 7:16 pm at night. Thanks for scaring the crap out of us. Second, you're telling me all of my music is now locked into YouTube Music until you decide to roll out and my family is paying you to not delete my collection because "you'll notify us when it's our turn?" And I'm in the US, so unless (obscure reference incoming) you packed yourselves up at a personal COGCON 2 and blasted yourselves to India or some island, I'm pretty sure the US is supposed to be completely rolled out first immediately if you release an update, based on the fact you are a US-based company. Please get this fixed immediately, because if you hadn't noticed by this whole message, there are crazy people who use music as personal therapy, who you just locked their free crazy meds in a bureaucratic cluster.
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Will the transfer work in countries where YouTube Music is not available yet?
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Why am I still getting this? I'm in the US.

Transfer your Google Play Music account soon
We'll notify you when it's your turn to transfer your Google Play Music account. Thanks for your patience!
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As a 3 year paid Play Music customer it's frustrating that after 3 weeks I haven't yet received the ability to transfer to YouTube Music. I'm waiting to pass final judgement on YTM until I can transfer my Play Music account and really give it a fair try.

Not liking the current YouTube Music very much without my Play Music available within it, I've been shopping the competition. Competition that is becoming more and more appealing as I twiddle my thumbs waiting while still paying a subscription for the dying Play Music service...
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YouTube Music is not available in your area

Then, what will happen with all my music?
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Free users on Play Music could stream their uploads at a high quality bit rate 320kpbs. Free users on YTM can only stream at a normal crappy bit rate 128kps. Looks like I won’t be using YTM.
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I've had my uploaded tracks transferred from Google Music to YTM. Now how to I download them in bulk for offline use? When I try to download a playlist or artist, it tells me I need a subscription. If I try to download an individual track it does so successfully. I don't want to go through thousands of my tracks manually, downloading each one. There must be a bulk way of doing this.
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Now I can't download even my own uploaded songs. It also don't store cache memory like GPM. Google what the hell you're doing Man! I didn't expect this from Google. You'd already a very good music player. If you wanted to improve then you can improve the GPM. What makes you to shift all this stuffs. YouTube was built for video purpose and now you're forcefully turning it into music player with your big subscription charges. Ytm is just a hell app if yoy can't improve this app then don't transfer our songs or give us both options. So who wants to stay with GPM stay with GPM who wants to join your creepy ytm go with ytm.
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My biggest concern is playing music while the screen is off for free. Over the past decade, I uploaded all of my music files to GPM with the expectation that I have unfettered access to my music files and music. While driving, I will download music and listen to it on my phone, which is often sitting with the screen off.

I will not be paying YT music just so that I can play my purchased and uploaded music while the screen is off. If this is the case, then this is clearly a money grab by Google and not in the spirit of how GPM started years ago.

A note on the roll out. I probably spent about 10-15m on the YT music app and android central and the Google blog post trying to figure out how to transfer GPM to YTM. I then found out transfer wasn't happening for all of us by coming to this blog. Seems like the information on a phased roll out of transfer function should have been put in the main blog post announcing the death of GPM. Would have saved me time and some grief over can't figuring out the YTM app. 

From what I've seen so far, I'm not excited about this change in service. If I can't play my own files while the screen is off for free, I will have to stop using Google music products and find another way to do this.
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Seems like Google can't keep a good thing going. Some sort of internal culture war is going on and all good products within Google are getting shit canned.
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transfer page -

after 4 days still displays:
"We'll notify you when it's your turn to transfer your Google Play Music account. Thanks for your patience!"

I am being patient however it would be nice to know what exactly am I waiting for?  
1.) am I in a que of others doing the same thing as to not overload a server?
2.) are there additional steps that i need to do before the transfer will continue?
3.) am I waiting for the transfer to be available in my country (Canada)
4.) is the transfer service down?

Please could a google representative please let me know what I am waiting for?
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I am also in the same situation that I try to transfer but my account has not been activated to make the transfer.
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So I need a subscription to play my purchased and uploaded songs in the background, this is terrible compared to GPM. Please change this feature. As an GPM users, this is a horrible replacement.
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Will all of my Play Music History/Activity also be transferred along with everything else that's included? Will there be an option to export all of my Play Music History?
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I'm angry. I payed for songs on GPM and now You are telling me if I don't pay monthly for YTM, I wouldn't be able to listen my music without ads and with screen off, and without playlist functions as old as fraking winamp?!
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