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Dear YouTube Music Community,

We enjoyed answering your questions in our last ask us anything and we are excited to share this unique opportunity with you again. In the past weeks, we have shared a few new features with you: Sonos, Android Auto and Android Clock integration with YouTube Music, as well as a further expansion to India, South Africa, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Uruguay, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia! Our YouTube Music product team would like to hear your questions and feedback about these new features, as well as any other YouTube Music related questions you might have. In return, we will share our knowledge with you, by answering your questions here in the community.

Starting today, you can submit your YouTube Music related questions and feedback in the comments below and we’ll respond on Friday!

On Friday March 29th at 9.00am PST, our YouTube Music team will be here in the community answering as many questions as possible–right here on this thread.

Please keep in mind! The team will only be addressing questions related to YouTube Music. Questions that are unrelated will not be addressed because this team only works on YouTube Music and is not in a position to answer questions in other areas.  As such, we will be removing any non YouTube Music related question.

We look forward to reading your questions and thoughts!
Felicitas - YouTube Music Community Manager
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it could be done if ys is not a function for the app to work in the background and so you can listen to music while doing something else on the phone Thank you
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Do you loos all of your download music after the free trial of premium ends or can you still listen to it
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I did this it said free trial try for so many months free and then check my bank and they have taken money out of my account I'm so pissed off as that money was my last and it was for my daughters baby milk and nappy s I've cancelled the bloody thing and I want.my refund I want my money back into my account now it makes me sick how they con you out of money when they said it was a free trial..so my.problem is how do I get my.refund I'm desperate it's money for my daughter and.I need it back cos I didn't click yes to a free trial for them to take money from my account please help me people can you tell me what number to call or.how.I can get.my refund back asap
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  • Better library management. A personal library, of songs that you can add to (without needing to download), remove from and access via a list of songs, which I can order how I like e.g. date added, title etc. Right now your Library consists of everything but a list of all MY songs. Sure I can download what I want to keep track of but that's so volatile. And as an active music listener there is a difference between liking a song and adding a song to my library to keep and listen too later. I want to be able to have my own stash of music that is synced, that I can download partly, and shuffle to listen to.
  • Smart playlists. Tied to the above request would be smart playlists e.g. Recently Added, so that I can shuffle my recently added songs when I don't want to discover new music.
  • Crossfade and gapless playback. Please allow us to crossfade our music as well as enable gapless playback for smooth listening!
  • Volume normalization.
  • Quality settings. I want to be able to granularly set the quality of my music for different scenarios e.g. streaming over mobile data vs over WiFi vs for downloading.
  • More accessible/dedicated search. Having a top nav search button is so hard to reach one handed and not easy to use. Similar to spotify, having a search tab on the bottom is so quick and easy to get to and use. Often I'm in a rush and need to quickly search for a song.
  • More music player gestures. Gestures are way more intuitive, let me swipe to change tracks.
  • Smart autoplay. Give me the option to enable a setting, where similar to music to what I'm currently listening to, will continue to play automatically after the end of whatever I'm currently listening e.g. at the end of an album or playlist.
  • Smarter radios. Radios play the music I like sure, but keep the radio  more genre specific, if I start a radio based off of a pop song, don't play a metal rock song. As much as I may like that song, it's not in any related to the mood of the radio that I want to listen at that point in time.
  • Genre searches. Overall just a better, smart, more granular search ability.
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Fix Requests:
  • Fix shuffling of thumbs up playlist. It always repeats songs the same songs.
  • Fix Android Auto Album Covers. It randomly picks album covers on random songs.
  • Fix Android Auto Album Tag. The album is always from the previous song. 
  • Fix random thumbs up icons not showing in playlists. The thumbs up icon randomly doesn't display a thumbs up on playlists but shows thumbs up when you play the song.
  • Fix songs and albums missing that exist in Google Play Music.
Feature Requests:
  • Separate Albums from special editions and greatest hits.
  • Prioritize explicit songs and remove edited versions of songs.
  • The ability to upload your own songs.
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We had the family plan and then my husband didn’t get use I t anymore so he stopped paying for it, so I was goin to pay for it but can’t cuz it’s in his name dam it.cuz he was a manger ..I went out  and spend money on iTunes so I can use it and now can’t...how can I fix this problem????
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It is possible to use songs or videos (upload is expected to be a violation of the right) of the artist who is not clearly posted by the artist or author.
Who is gaining money?
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Need to see my account for past purchases
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Is there a way in YouTube analytics to see how many views are coming from YouTube Music on a particular video?  
You can't comment on a video in YouTube Music and you can't see a description either.  You can't subscribe to a non-official creator also.  It would be nice if YouTube Music was more social.
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Give us an option to remove the playlist from youtube music but not from youtube, especially those which are auto-generated as some playlist are shown as Music playlist even though they have 59 educational video and one video god knows why marked as music.
I'm talking about playlist-created-by-us
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When will we be able to play our personal YouTube Music playlists through a Google Home voice command? I appreciate you have loads of things on your to-do list but I feel like this is basic and essential functionality to using the platform. Thanks
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Hi guys,

I appreciate you take the time to answer some questions.
My questions are these:
  1. Import of Play Music playlists. Well, this one is quite obvious and you guys apparently are working on this but is there any timeframe? It's a quite important feature for me (and many others).
  2. Differentiation between YouTube and YouTube Music on desktop. I have already posted a thread here but haven't received any answer yet (https://support.google.com/youtubemusic/thread/1907538?hl=en). There are two profiles connected to my Google account, one I use for YouTube (with subscription to stuff related to gaming, smartphones and whatnot) and one I use for YouTube Music (which I use on my smartphone and with which I always listen to music). On desktop there can only be one profile active at a time. If I go to YouTube and watch my subscriptions the profile on YouTube Music switches as well and vice versa. This is veeery annoying and made me stop using YouTube Music on desktop. Is it possible to let these profiles coexist like on smartphones? There the YouTube app uses my profile for YouTube and the YouTube Music app uses my profile for music, like it should be.
  3. Little bug after stopping music. If you stop listening to music you can't swipe away the notification directly after. You have to wait some time to be able to close it. This is quite annoying as well.
  4. Forcing HD videos on desktop. As of right now there doesn't seem to be an option to always play HD videos on desktop (like on YouTube with the quality setting for 1080p and so on).
  5. Radio algorithm seems off. I lately noted that the algorithm for the radio option (which should start playing similar songs to the one you've chosen) seems to be quite off. I listened to Mambo Rap by Parov Stelar (which is electro swing) and the upcoming songs include stuff like Sugar by Robin Schulz, I Like It by Cardi B and so on. This has nothing to do with my song.
  6. More like 5.1. If the suggestions work it always plays more or less the same songs. I start to listen to a song and auto play does it's job but there are always played the same songs. These songs should vary more to actually get to know new songs.
  7. Icons are too huge. In my Pixel 2 XL I only see four items when I open the app (the "Home" or "Start" tab), two "favourites" and two "listen again" icons. These should be way smaller so that you have a better overview. My suggestion would be a grid of 3x3. The same applies in the "Library" tab with the "last listened to" area on the top.
  8. Statistics. I've read that Spotify has some statistics (how long you've listened to an artist, how many times a song has been played globally and how many times you listened to it and so on). These would be nice for YouTube Music as well.
I think that's all for now. I hope you take the time to really take a look at these suggestions and requests! 
Thanks in advance and have fun answering the stuff here! :)
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Hello, nice to be in contact with you. 
We are an advertising agency and we want to know what kind of productos do you offer for brands?
We would like to give an exclusive playlist for some of our customers, it´s that possible? Something like send a code and have access to a playlist without ads? 

Thanks in advance. 

P.D. Is there someone or something that represents YouTube in Uruguay?
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Feature Requests:
1. To  enable search within playlist on web and android.
2. To allow mix (shuffle) songs from different personalized playlists.
  Lets say I have three different personalized songs playlists: English, Hindi and Spanish. Sometimes, I want to listen songs randomly from all three playlists without needing to switch playlists, could there be a feature where you can collaborate all three playlists.
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When I play "Your Mixtape" or start a radio off of a song, album, playlist I created, , I sometimes get songs that I've already downvoted. I feel like the algorithm should be smart enough to at least not play the exact song I down voted. 

Also, please allow us to select multiple songs at a time to add to playlists.
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1. The Sonos addition is the right direction but it's really limited. Will we be able to cast to a Sonos speaker from within YTM? I'd like to be able to cast from the app rather than having to open my Sonos app. It would also be good to be able to play our downloaded music within the Sonos app. Right now it "supports Sonos" but it's really limited.

2. Will we be able to sort our downloaded music instead of just being a huge list of songs to search through? Also if I search for a song that I have downloaded, it should default to playing the downloaded version. Right now it streams it. Spotify sorts saved music perfectly, is there a plan to integrate something like their system?
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First and foremost I'd like to say that I enjoy using the service, the UI is excellent (for the most part) and the playlists have been pretty spot on for me.

  • First of all--and this may have already been addressed--YouTube Music subscriptions need to be separated from YouTube subscriptions. Is this something that is in the works? If not, are you able to articulate why that would not be a better experience for consumers?
    • Here is a Reddit poll I made about this roughly a month ago. It's hardly what one might call scientific--the sample size being as inadequate as it is--but I think it has value in showing active community member's opinion regarding this issue.
  • Why does asking to play music using Google Assistant on my WearOS device default to using Google Play Music as a service despite me having set my default music provider to YouTube Music in Google Assistant's settings? It's these little inconsistencies and annoyances that really make me miss have everything simply worked on Google Play Music--as antiquated as its interface has become.
  • A recent update to Google Chrome added hardware media key functionality. From what I've gathered, it's on individual websites to add this to their own stuff. Is this something that is going to be coming soon? To go back to Google Play Music again, this is a feature that I lost when I switched to using YouTube Music as my primary music streaming service, and it's one that I miss dearly. 
    • Similarly, are there any plans to add notification support to YouTube Music for the web? As in, when a new song starts playing, Chrome will send a notification overlay with the song information on it so you can see what just started playing even if YouTube Music isn't the focused tab?
  • Gapless playback.
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First off, thanks for taking the time to let ask some questions/provide some feedback. It is appreciated. 

Here are my suggestions (most of which are probably already known suggestions):
-Ability to separate YouTube and YTM playlists. It’s pretty annoying to see a bunch of music playlists in YouTube, and vice versa. 
-Gapless playback. This is crucial for listening to albums. 
-Reporting incorrect metadata/album art. This seems to happen with a fair amount of the music I listen to. I’ve seen songs labeled as one thing, and it’s actually an entirely different song. Same thing with some album artwork. 
-Hotlist section. I never use the hotlist, and wish it didn’t take up a “tab” at the bottom of the screen on mobile. It would be more useful to me to have that “tab” be for my mixtape, or other personalized playlists. 

-When I’m listening to a playlist with mixed songs and music videos on mobile (iOS) the videos don’t play. The setting is toggled to play the video, but only audio is played. On desktop I don’t have this issue. 

Thanks again.
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Thanks for all you are doing! 

I'm curious as to when true local media can be played in YouTube Music? Like in Google Play Music, I can open the app and toggle downloaded only or actually search for anything in the library. Will YTM get something like that? 

Any clue when I can play my own music stored on my phone in YouTube Music?
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Hi, thank you for doing this, please answer some of our feature/fix request because we really want to know if you guys are working/considering it or if is it a lost cause, anyway here we go:
  1. Complete migration from GPM is needed and we that the features that it had such as gapless play, personnal uploads and APIs
  2. Ability to fast forward in AndroidAuto (using steering wheels controls at least for me, this works in CarPlay)
  3. Ability to browse playlist and albums in AndroidAuto (just like CarPlay so the focus on the road excuse doesn't hold because the regulations allows it)
  4. Complete history of songs that we listen, like on youtube for videos.
  5. Lyrics (licensed and/or user uploaded)
  6. Swipe to add to queue (from right to left for example) and to library (from left to right)
  7. Control other devices and or continue the song on another device like on Spotify
  8. Allow for multiple song to be selected and in general better playlist/song management (selecting song one by one to move them is frustrating)
  9. Launch Youtube Music app for AndroidTV 
  10. Launch Youtube Music on PS4 and other devices 

My final suggestion/question is: Are you guys considering an UI change? The current state doesn't allow for quick interaction with playlists for example. I'll post  an example of the Spotify web ui for reference
See how the playlists are on the left allowing for quick drag and drop which is not available on Youtube Music
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  • Can you provide any updates to the roadmap for both importing our existing GPM library/thumbs up, and the eventual ability to upload tracks directly to YTM? Will we still be able to edit ID3 tags? What will happen with HQ GPM tracks (at MP3 320 kbps) when uploaded? Will they stay in the same format or be converted to HQ YTM? Is this still on track for 2019?
  • Can YTM please be listed as a music source from within Google Maps? The ability to manipulate music playback during navigation with GPM is great.
  • Others have mentioned gapless playback, and so here it is again
  • When on mobile and I pause or stop playback, it takes a good 5 seconds or more for the notification to be able to be dismissed. YTM is the only app I can think of that prohibits notification swipe after activity has ceased.
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A few questions:

  • Is a Material Design refresh being planned/actively worked on?
  • Any update on gapless playback?
  • Any plans for small quality of life features such as a play count for songs and artist stats, eg how many monthly views an artist gets?
  • Also, any plans to overhaul library management? Sorting by genre, by alphabet etc.
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What happened to the "Not Interested" feature? Was it a failed experiment or are you gonna improve it since it's a core feature of YouTube? It was the best feature YTM had, because I don't want Charts on my home screen and being able to see a hotlist playlist more easily would be way more helpful than them being at the bottom of home just because I don't regularly use them.

•Any updates on Downloads planned? We have seen UI changes in the last Q&A video on YouTube, but I do still keep my downloads in GPM because it offers more features like a shuffle of all downloads or downloading radios.

• Will we see any changes to the hotlist tab? Or is it bound to stay a YouTube trending section. I don't think it helps with the image of being a full music service. And a lot of people don't like to use it. Those that do, have the same artists in the homepage.

• Why was there no *GPM migration* like with Google News? Are there technical restrictions?

• Are there any improvements planned on "My Mixtape". Currently I can feel that radios have gotten better, but starting a radio on my liked songs is just way more accurate than My Mixtape which just replays recently listened to tracks and albums. I want to discover new music, and more from an artist I've already started to listen to.

•Any plans on adding a discovery feature?

I don't need an ETA on most of this. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
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Will personal play counts be added to YTM?
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Is there any effort to revamp the playlist algorithm?

Recommended songs are pretty terrible compared to other services like Spotify.
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Hi, thanks for answering questions.

I really want Android auto to not ask me to choose a new song every time I get in the car. For short trips this is brutal. I find a new station, then get gas or whatever, and when I turn the car back on the station is lost and it goes back to the picker.  Will this be fixed and when? It seems basic.
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(Not sure if it’s relevant, but I have a paid plan.)

(1) How do you stop shuffle? 

(2) How do you give feedback within YTM? 

(3) How do you filter out non-music from “liked songs”? (Songs are music. Why do you include non-music in a music list?)

(4) How do you stop YT from suggesting music I hate and never listen to?

(5) Where are the help/support links within YTM?
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How do I view my music channel on YouTube Music?
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Pls release students offer for YouTube music in India.Really love recommendations.
And can you guys avoid repetition in your mixtape it's a lit but annoying to hear the same songs again and again
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I'm still using GPM instead of YTM, as there is no way of migrating my library yet. Please any update on it?
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There are many rap albums on YTM not commercially released by the artist but were Auto-generated by YouTube. Why does YouTube Music allow YouTube uploads to make its way into albums? Are there plans to be commercial-only like Google Play?
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Are you planning to rework the Home and hotlist features to be more user-specific, tailored to the tastes of the listeners? It's quite arbitrary that the hotlist selects music based on your region rather than your tastes, and also how the playlists featured in the home page don't always match my interests.
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I think I found a visual bug on the artist pages. Dizzy Wright's albums are in reverse chronological order except for the last one. Same with Kendrick Lamar's and Mac Miller's oldest albums on their pages. Can you please confirm whether this is a bug? Lastly, I notice it on Beyoncé's page but it looks like her live album, ep, and remix album are meant to be at the end and separate. I think it would be less confusing if all albums, regardless of type, are sorted by newest to oldest.
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There are many versions of these albums, in some cases up to 8. Some pairs have the same songs and number of tracks, the only difference may be how a song or two are labeled despite being the same.
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When will there be full set of albums available compared to Play Music?

Will there be lyrics support and when?
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Features request : Upload own song like Google play music and the artist radio systems like Google play music ! 

Thanks for your work on this beautiful service ! 

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Its great that with YTM music we can access all the uploaded music that is available on YouTube; however at the moment this is kind of cancelled out by all the bands/official recordings missing from YTM. How long is it going to be until you have the same licensing agreements in place that GPM has?
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Why not replace the hotlist tab with a category tab instead and put the hotlist tab within the category tab. Right now at least for me the hotlist tab is the most useless tab there is in all of YouTube and GPM... So why not replace it with something better?
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1. I do not listen to Hindi music whatsoever so why is it recommended to me in Hotlist? 
2. The ability to switch playback from phone to web is missing. 
3. There is no proper way to browse music like Spotify and Apple Music. 
4. Mixtape repeats songs again and again. 
5. There is no discover weekly or release radar kinda feature which is a bummer. 
6. No students plan in India. 
7. No lyrics even though you can search songs via lyrics and even Google supports it.
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Will I be able to view playlists for different regions instead of just the country I reside in ? I would like to see a top Turkish hitlist instead of a belgian one. Cheers!
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Will country availability have parity with Google Play Music country availability before the eventual deprecation of the former service? This is very concerning for someone with a subscription to a family plan who can use GPM but not YouTube Music or Premium.
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- Swipe to change songs.
- Explicit indicator if playlist is shuffled or not.
- Library organisation by artists, albums, genres, etc.
- Public API for developers (liked songs, playlists), so app can be more social and community can play a role in public playlists.
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Will YTM have the new Rammstein album? ;-)
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Will there be fixes for music starting automatically when connected to a car's Bluetooth? Maybe there could be a setting for that where the app starts up and music plays where you left off once it detects your car's Bluetooth (Similar to spotify). 

Can we get rewinding and forwarding on the android lock screen (Note 9) like the way it currently is on iphones.
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When a song is repeated, it only registers as played once in the play history. It should be registered as many times as it is repeated.  Please update this feature. Thanks.
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Please add an option so that users can report unnecessary duplicate albums and have them removed. Many duplicates aren't deluxe versions or remastered versions. They are literally the same album.
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Any plans for a plan for two people, to compete with services like Spotify's Duo plan?
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User centric royalty distribution: Will Google consider adopting this payout method for artists? I believe Deezer is or did look into this. Not sure what came of that. Basically, a user's subscription payment would only go towards the artists that the user actually listened to. Think about it! :)
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Five features I'm wondering if you will add:
1 A Discovery Weekly kind of playlist to discover music
2. Hapless playback
3.  Automatically download liked songs without having to manually sync
4. Bringing over the in-app messaging feature from YouTube to send recommendations to other friends from within the app to allow for instant listening and adding library
5.  Top charts that differ per genre instead of the general 'hotlist' category

Something I'm hoping you will fix:
1.  Offline downloads still trying to stream as opposed to playing offline
2.  Hard to find clean versions of albums
3. ' My mixtape' and home page keeps recommending the same music and playlists to listen to 

My question:. Is there any news/updates on bringing any of these features to YouTube Music?
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Can you add the resume play FAB when YTM is first opened in Android Auto? Similar to how Google Play Music does it. That way it is easy for users to start playing the previous song/playlist.
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This is going to sound like a nitpick, but please update the app icon for the Android Launcher. Right now it is a red circle within a large white circle. Please update it so the white circle is no longer there and it is just the red circle.
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The YouTube Music app is the only media app I use on my device that will not automatically start playing again when I reconnect to my vehicle Bluetooth. Can this feature be added? 
My Pixel 3 will automatically restart playing when using Google Play Music, Google Podcast and TuneIn
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Love the service, but why are some albums missing?  There are newer albums that appear on google play music but not on YouTube music.  For this to be my daily service I expect the new albums to be updated just like google play or Spotify.  Otherwise, I am very happy.
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1. Music sorted by artists. So I would be able to listen to only my favorite Queen songs, not all that listed. 
2. I really want playlist such as Your Mixtape but ONLY with new music. 
3. Albums. It would be great if all music I have in my library will be automatically sorted into albums. I don't want to see a whole album. 
4. I don't want to see disliked songs in ANY playlists. Or at least just let YouTube Music automatically skip them. 
5. Really want an ability to choose several songs at once to, for example, move them to another playlist. 

Thank you very much. With these features your service would be the greatest ever
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Feature requests:
  • Can you please add all the music that's listenable in normal YouTube if possible? Some claimed content seems to not be listenable at all in YT music (even if it's perfectly playable and in the main YT app) is what I mean by this. They come up as exclamation marks in my playlists of music. If you can't fix this can you at least make it easy to go to regular YouTube?
  • The Info button lacks the description even for regular (Non "album") uploads, and it really should probably show it. Sometimes it has useful info like lyrics, album playlists, etc.
  • Can you please not zoom crop normal thumbnailed playlists? It looks way worse if the original thumbnail was made for 16 by 9 youtube and it's just a zoomed 16 by 9 or whatever crop.
  • Any way you could add a desktop offline feature? I have more storage available on desktop than mobile.
  • Can you add "Channels" as more of an option for finding music, even if they aren't established as "artists"? Example: difficult to find Neil Cicierega music because it's a channel but not an "artist" channel.
  • Please bring all the artists from GPM over. It is annoying to have to open the GPM app just to play the Kirby: Planet Robobot soundtrack from the actual legitimate artist for instance.
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Hello guys and thanks a lot for responding our messages it's a very smart move and I really think it's the right way to keep your community positive ! I think YouTube Music should step up it's game A LOT to take it's position in the middle of Spotify and Apple Music, but there is still a lot of things to bring to, at least, be competitive.

Here is my list of things that should appear very soon

- UI Update / refresh (big one)
- More curated playlists like the Spotify Weekly Discover
- Research by genre / type of music
- An official macOS app (even if the unofficial one work perfectly 😉)
- Can we remove this "hotlist" tab or at list give it more purpose for a music streaming service
- The ability to update and artwork on personal playlists

Thanks again for your work, I'm looking forward to see what's next !
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Album/song credits: Please add this information. I believe every other service has this information available. Thanks.
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I use Android Auto and every day I have to pick a NEW station to listen to and start over. Why doesn't YouTube Music support resuming what I was listening to before in the car like Google Play Music did?
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How close are we to being able to import our Google Play library/playlists?
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Feature Requests:

  1. Alphabetical sorting option for playlists, albums, and liked songs. I don't remember the order I liked all of my music in, so having an alphabetical option would be the number one request I have for quality of life.
  2. Auto-add albums to your library when you like a song from it. This is how Spotify and GPM work and I truly believe the best way to handle library management is by treating it like a collection as those other services do.
  3. Manual tag editing. There are several instances I've come across of tags on music being incredibly wrong. One example is Vessel from The Kite String Tangle. How it looks on GPM and how it's supposed to look: https://i.imgur.com/R0R0b47.png. How it looks on YTM: https://i.imgur.com/mJQpCRn.png. It seemingly takes the team some time to fix errors like this (which I understand if you're busy), so manual editing would be appreciated.
  4. User uploads. There are some gaps of what YTM has available to stream that are not present on GPM and Spotify. I wouldn't mind these gaps if we could upload our own tracks to solve it, but right now a couple of my favorite songs/artists are missing.
  5. Lyrics support. Google has this data, so it'd be a nice feature to be able to see a song's lyrics and have them play on my smart display, at least for the official artist releases.
  1. Is the transition from GPM to YTM still planned for this year or has the slow progress on porting features moved that back?
  2. Do you intend to get all music present on GPM on YTM? There is a small indie artist I really liked who isn't active anymore and she only has one of her EPs on YTM, whereas there are three more on other services like GPM and Spotify. Do you plan to be able to get her content on the service in a situation like that? It'd be greatly appreciated.
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Request Feature 

* Add an option to quickly switch between the Official Song Version and the Official Music Video by clicking one single button.
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Hey, I have few questions about features and if they're in development:
- Moving items in the queue out of the view feels really awkward and slow
- chromecast support on pc
- Ability to at least add every music video from youtube to a playlist, even though it's unsearchable in youtube music. It's annoying that you can't watch some music videos on youtube, but not on youtube music
- The whole app has a very simple design that is really quick to navigate through, but the player ui looks unfinished and boring compared to it. Is a new player ui in development?
- Casting youtube music to the ps4 youtube app kinda breaks the ps4 app and you have to restart it

Otherwise I really like the app and use it daily on mobile and web since its release.
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Is it possible to have different library management for video and music? My library is cluttered with mix of both.
I would like to see a seperate liked songs playlist only for youtube music and completely seperate from youtube.
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I would like to be able to connect directly to my Sonos speakers via the YouTube Music app.
I want to like or unlike songs or add it to a playlist when i hear on Sonos. I dont want to change the app for it.

A list of all new songs added on friday. I do not want to look for it in every single playlist. (Hits from tomorrow, Pop Hotlist, Electro Hotlist etc.)

Genres. Whith new albums, new singles and current popular artists in the respective genre.
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I updated YouTube music the yesterday 3/27/19 and now it’s telling me that “music streaming isn’t available in my country yet...” I’ve been using this app since September of 2018 and I live in America. Why isn’t the app working?
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Hi. When the Family plan become for G Suite accounts?  (our family uses G Suite Business domain). Thanks.
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Please try to fix the issue of stopping the music app when we accidentally remove it from recent apps just as you guys did in google play music. 
Thank you !
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YouTube Music Family Plan vs. Family Link

I have subscribed to the Google Play Music Family plan which includes YouTube Music. We have two kids (6 and 8). We use the kids protection Family Link from Google. Our kids are using Google Play Music for audio books and lately for music. They are asking also to see Youtube Music, since we have a valid subscription. The  issues is that Family Link does forbid the usage of Youtube (Music) for under 13 years old kids at all. Why can't it work as in Google Play Music where the kids can have access, but the content is marked and filter with the "E"? And why can't I decide as parent that my kids are using the Music Youtube service when I use Family Link? Maybe you can get in touch with your Family Link team to find a solution.
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Unlink YTM and YouTube: Search and play history needs to be separated. Thanks.
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Thanks for taking time to listen to some feedback and answer questions!  I've been using YouTube Music since before the app refresh last year, and  I mostly enjoy it and look forward to more updates.  I've particularly enjoyed the recent addition of the New Release Mix.  I listen to it often and it's pretty spot on with it's recommendations!  Lots of new artists I've discovered from this already.  

A few suggestions:
  • Video series- I know you've been releasing Artist Spotlight videos and small video series with certain artists.  I've enjoyed these through the regular Youtube app, but it would be nice to have a section for this type of content within the music app.
  • "Watch Later"  options- This is an option in regular YouTube and I think it'd be great to be able to use something similar for songs or albums on the music app
  • Tour dates- The YouTube also has an "On Tour" section with upcoming and nearby tour dates.  Would love to see these in the music app.
  • Browse by genre-  It would be great to be able to browse playlists, albums, new releases, etc. by genre.
  • Library management- Having the ability to search, filter, and sort our libraries would be very helpful.  
  • Variety slider- Before the app refresh last year radios had a variety slider that would make the song selection more or less diverse.  I really enjoyed this and would love to see it come back.  This would also be great for the Mixtape.
  • Updated audio/video toggle-   I know this is in the works because I've screenshots from other users.  Just letting you know I'm looking forward to a more effective audio/video toggle for songs!
  • More personalized playlists like "Your Mixtape" and "New Release Mix" would be awesome!
A couple of issues I've been having:
  • Sometimes radios I start off a song or artist will have songs that don't really make sense.  I'm not against mixing genres or time periods as long as it makes sense stylistically.  Sometimes this leads to really interesting suggestions, but often the radios branch off in directions that don't quite make sense.  
  • My Mixtape will often has a lot of repeats over the course of a few weeks or so.  It seems to skew towards what I've been listening to recently and rarely pulls out some of my older thumbed up tracks.  I understand this is probably a conscious decision, but I think this is where the variety slider I mentioned above would be helpful.  It would also be less of a problem if there were other personalized playlists that filled needs for more discovery, deep cuts, etc.  

Thanks again  for taking the time to do another Q&A. Looking forward to the future of YouTube Music!
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Pre-save albums: Please add this feature. Thanks.
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One of the biggest concerns/requests is for better Library management. Any plans to improve, or build on that?
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My YouTube music app stopped working out of the blue 
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Android Auto. I use GPM now but would like to use YTM. Are the missing functions coming/planned? Album/Playlist - being able to pick from specific songs, seeing the songs list? (Not sure what that's called).
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