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[YouTube Music] Ask us anything! YouTube Music Product Team will be here Friday March 29th to answer 20 Recommended Answers 115 Replies 460 Upvotes
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Dear YouTube Music Community,

We enjoyed answering your questions in our last ask us anything and we are excited to share this unique opportunity with you again. In the past weeks, we have shared a few new features with you: Sonos, Android Auto and Android Clock integration with YouTube Music, as well as a further expansion to India, South Africa, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Uruguay, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia! Our YouTube Music product team would like to hear your questions and feedback about these new features, as well as any other YouTube Music related questions you might have. In return, we will share our knowledge with you, by answering your questions here in the community.

Starting today, you can submit your YouTube Music related questions and feedback in the comments below and we’ll respond on Friday!

On Friday March 29th at 9.00am PST, our YouTube Music team will be here in the community answering as many questions as possible–right here on this thread.

Please keep in mind! The team will only be addressing questions related to YouTube Music. Questions that are unrelated will not be addressed because this team only works on YouTube Music and is not in a position to answer questions in other areas.  As such, we will be removing any non YouTube Music related question.

We look forward to reading your questions and thoughts!
Felicitas - YouTube Music Community Manager
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it could be done if ys is not a function for the app to work in the background and so you can listen to music while doing something else on the phone Thank you
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Do you loos all of your download music after the free trial of premium ends or can you still listen to it
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I did this it said free trial try for so many months free and then check my bank and they have taken money out of my account I'm so pissed off as that money was my last and it was for my daughters baby milk and nappy s I've cancelled the bloody thing and I want.my refund I want my money back into my account now it makes me sick how they con you out of money when they said it was a free trial..so my.problem is how do I get my.refund I'm desperate it's money for my daughter and.I need it back cos I didn't click yes to a free trial for them to take money from my account please help me people can you tell me what number to call or.how.I can get.my refund back asap
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  • Better library management. A personal library, of songs that you can add to (without needing to download), remove from and access via a list of songs, which I can order how I like e.g. date added, title etc. Right now your Library consists of everything but a list of all MY songs. Sure I can download what I want to keep track of but that's so volatile. And as an active music listener there is a difference between liking a song and adding a song to my library to keep and listen too later. I want to be able to have my own stash of music that is synced, that I can download partly, and shuffle to listen to.
  • Smart playlists. Tied to the above request would be smart playlists e.g. Recently Added, so that I can shuffle my recently added songs when I don't want to discover new music.
  • Crossfade and gapless playback. Please allow us to crossfade our music as well as enable gapless playback for smooth listening!
  • Volume normalization.
  • Quality settings. I want to be able to granularly set the quality of my music for different scenarios e.g. streaming over mobile data vs over WiFi vs for downloading.
  • More accessible/dedicated search. Having a top nav search button is so hard to reach one handed and not easy to use. Similar to spotify, having a search tab on the bottom is so quick and easy to get to and use. Often I'm in a rush and need to quickly search for a song.
  • More music player gestures. Gestures are way more intuitive, let me swipe to change tracks.
  • Smart autoplay. Give me the option to enable a setting, where similar to music to what I'm currently listening to, will continue to play automatically after the end of whatever I'm currently listening e.g. at the end of an album or playlist.
  • Smarter radios. Radios play the music I like sure, but keep the radio  more genre specific, if I start a radio based off of a pop song, don't play a metal rock song. As much as I may like that song, it's not in any related to the mood of the radio that I want to listen at that point in time.
  • Genre searches. Overall just a better, smart, more granular search ability.
Last edited 3/26/19
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