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FAQ: What Google Play Music features are coming to YouTube Music? 0 Recommended Answers 291 Replies 2096 Upvotes
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Last edited 6/14/18
We’re working on adding the Google Play Music features you love into YouTube Music.

Here are a few features that we’re already thinking about:
  • Uploading your personal collection (music locker)
  • Playing local MP3s on Android
  • Importing your Google Play Music library and music preferences to YouTube Music

Share your favorites below and we’ll monitor this thread and pass along to the product team!

Felicitas - YouTube Music Community Manager
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I think something like the Browse Stations feature in GPM should be a priority. It's super useful when you want to browse by activity/mood to pick, for instance, music with no lyrics for studying/working. This was my favorite feature and keeps me from using YouTube music for the time being.
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Also...better Android Auto integration please! It works currently, but there is no menu to browse any features such as Playlists or Recent items.
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Please, add the ability to adjust video size for 18:9-screen devices, just like in main YouTube app!
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Definitely need the ability to sort and view library by more than date added. Need genre, album, artist and more.
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I may be in the minority here, but what I want in a music player is really different from what YouTube Music offers. I would only pay a monthly fee for a real music manager, kind of like the desktop version of Spotify, only well done.

By this I mean, but not limited to:
- Ability to sort playlists and search results by multiple fields (artist, length, album, year, title, rating, etc.)
- Smart playlists based on dynamic criteria
- Batch operations (select multiple songs/albums at the same time and operate on them)
- Offline support on PC, ideally with a fully featured desktop version
- Podcasts

Google Play Music offered some of those features but they lost me when they removed the star rating to put a stupid binary rating system. Now, with YouTube Music I feel like they are going three steps backward.
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The separation of 'liked songs' from 'liked YouTube videos' would be beneficial. And also YouTube video Playlists separated from music only playlists. 

If Library items could be ordered by the users preference. I.E. playlists, albums, liked songs, Artists and downloads able to be ordered by date added, alphabetical by Album Title, alphabetical by Artist name etc

Other benefits would be the ability to import playlists from other Music subscription services. I know this is reliant on that service allowing this to happen but it's the prevention of this that will limit take up as many users will be unwilling to give up the playlists they have created on other platforms and the time taken to replicate them in a new platform. 

I think YouTube Music needs to be more like Google Play Music and less integration with YouTube other than name but that's just my preference. The quicker the Google Play Music functionality and playlists are imported into YouTube Music the more likely I am to use it. For now I will be sticking to Google Play Music and the longer this functionality takes to be migrated the more likely it is that I will cease my YouTube Premium subscription and revert back to my Google Play Music family subscription.
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Filter by genre! On the homescreen, I should be able to select "Hip-Hop/Rap," "Jazz," etc., and see a list of all curated playlists in said genre, and new music/albums in that genre.

Loving the app so far otherwise, just a little buggy. Something else - and this a stretch - Spotify has a desktop app that works a little faster than it's in-browser player. Would this be feasible for YouTube?
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One more thing - sometimes I add a YouTube music video to my playlist (ex. Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole's "Black Friday") but YouTube Music gets the metadata; it shows the artist as the channel title :( Could we have a feature to edit the metadata of YouTube videos?
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I want to expand on the importing GPM stuff idea. I think the aim should be to create a seamless transition to YT Music. An import feature would be nice but to log in to YT Music and it's all there without doing anything else would be amazing.
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1 day
I know there's been multiple requests for this, but it's key for my usage to have the music locker supported on YT Music; in my self-beta of the pending cutover, this is the clearest and most painful gap.
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