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Liked shuffle doesn't truly shuffle the playlist and repeats songs. 0 Recommended Answers 78 Replies 254 Upvotes
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Last edited 1/17/19
When I play music from the liked playlist in the YouTube Music App and shuffle the list I end up with pretty much the same list over and over again. Is this intentional or a bug? The list has well over 1000 songs in it, so I would expect a variety in what comes up. It also repeats songs rather frequently. After about 15-20 songs I will start to see songs I just heard begin repeating.
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Same here. Google better get on this, especially with how much the monthly charge is...

Edit: Android user with up to date OS & latest app version.
Last edited 2/28/19
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Same issue here with just a normal playlist I've put together. Just over 1,300 songs. when you view the playlist it's in a rough artist order as that's how they were added. Shuffle will play 95% songs from the first 50 or so items in the list and then random ones from elsewhere. What's the point of shuffle that doesn't work. If I wanted to hear the same songs over and over I'd just listen to the radio.
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Same here. So annoyed
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Same here created my own youtube music playlist with 265 songs. I have around 30 music playlist on youtube, maybe thats affecting the shuffle functionality... It repeats the same 10 songs over and over even in the same order. Its ridiculous XD
I'm considering to stop my premium membership. And switch to spotify...
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Same issue.
Recently switched from Spotify premium to YTM premium. Still in the process of "liking" all the same songs that I had saved in Spotify.
Never used playlists on Spotify, just used to shuffle the thousands of songs that I had saved.
Was hoping to do the same here but when I try to shuffle play the few hundred songs that I have liked on YTM I end up hearing the same 15-20 songs on repeat and never heard some of them.
Didn't mind at first because at the end of the day I obviously like the songs, but when listening to music in work it becomes so repetitive and I am fearing ever having to shuffle my songs at a party any time soon which I am usually asked to do.
Really needs to get sorted or else I think I'll have to move back to Spotify.

edit - *Android* - *Latest version of app*
Last edited 4/4/19
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The way shuffle and loop repeat features are currently implemented is very poor, to put it mildly.
It’s very frustrating, some songs get repeated three times in an hour and others won’t come up for hours. It’s like the playlist is missing some 10% of the songs and others are played over and over again.
YouTube should consider doing what Apple did a long time age. Even though the shuffle was truly random, the complaints were that some songs repeat and that often after one specific song was done another specific song was playing, like they were linked.

So what apple ended up doing was to make its shuffle feature “less random” and in such a way that the same song would come twice (when using both looping and shuffling) without having a certain number of songs to come first.

Basically, if YouTube developers are too lazy to come up with a proper solution they should just copy Apple :-) .... and I don't even like Apple and their products...
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Is there any fix for this? Or is it just something I have to continue to deal with? For me it never changes. It is the exact same order every time.
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I agree! It drives me crazy. I like a lot of the other features in YouTube Music, the amount of music, etc., but the playlist shuffle is HORRIBLE. I want to hear different songs from my favorites playlists - not just the same 10 (out of well over 500) every single time.
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I'm on the latest version of the app on iPhone X and I'm having the same problem. It sucks.
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13 hr
YouTube shuffle play list is the worse i have ever seem.
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