Transfer your Google Play Music account

Google Play Music users can now easily transition their account over to YouTube Music with just one click. Once you’ve completed the transfer, you can use either app to continue your listening experience, or switch over to just YouTube Music.

Once you've transfered your Google Play Music account, you can follow the instructions to delete the Google Play Music app on your Android or Apple device.

Here’s what we'll include in the transfer:

  • Your Google Play Music library, which includes:
    • Your uploaded & purchased songs.
    • Your playlists & many stations.
    • Albums & songs in your library.
  • Your likes and dislikes (songs you’ve given a thumbs up or down).
  • Your billing information for your subscription if you’re a current Google Play Music subscriber.
    • We will convert your Google Play Music subscription to the equivalent tier of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium (based on the level of benefits with your current subscription). Your monthly billing price and benefits will remain the same unless you are in a location with fluctuating currency.*

We’ll also update your music profile so that you get personalized recommendations in YouTube Music based on your Google Play Music listening history, likes, and dislikes.

Transfer your Google Play Music account to YouTube Music

After you’ve completed this transfer, you will still have access to your Google Play Music account - it's included at no extra cost with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription. If you currently have a free Google Play Music account, you'll also continue to have the same access after your transfer.

How to transfer your data and music
To transfer your data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, use one of the following options:
  1. Visit and click Transfer.
  2. Open the YouTube Music app and then tap on your profile picture  and then Settings and then Transfer and then Transfer from Google Play Music.
Things to know:
  • YouTube Music has different account eligibility requirements than Google Play Music. Make sure you and those you share the account with are eligible here.
  • To transfer from a Google Play Music account to a YouTube Brand Account, your account needs to meet additional criteria. Read more below about transferring to a YouTube Brand Account.
Once you tap the Transfer button, your recommendations library and billing will begin transferring to YouTube Music (for Google Play Music subscribers). If you have a large collection, the library transfer could take longer than your billing transfer. You'll receive two separate emails letting you know when each of the transfers is finished.
Learn more about your billing transfer

For most Google Play Music subscribers, your monthly rate and billing details, including your billing date, will remain the same and transfer to YouTube Music. In some cases, we may need you to confirm your billing information before we can finish the transfer. If so, we'll send you an email about how to complete this final step. This additional confirmation process will not impact your subscription price* or benefits in any way.

*For subscribers in Croatia, Serbia, and other regions where local currency rates fluctuate, your subscription price will need to be re-established to align with the changing rates. If you are in one of these countries/regions, you'll get instructions once you begin the transfer process. Your new monthly billing price may be slightly different than you were previously paying depending on the local currency rate. Updating your billing won’t change your library or listening history in any way.

Learn more about your library transfer(s)
You can transfer as often as you like until Google Play Music is no longer available. If you do multiple transfers, only the music added since your last transfer will be moved over to YouTube Music during subsequent transfers. Your previously transferred music will remain in your YouTube Music library and will not be impacted in any way. We’ll send you an email confirmation after each transfer is complete.
While all of your uploads and purchases will be transferred, certain songs or albums may not transfer due to rights or licensing issues. Also, if you added music to Google Play Music and it disappeared due to rights or licensing, it may reappear in YouTube Music.
If the rights or licensing changes after the date you transfer your account, the music will automatically appear in your library. This could include songs you’ve liked or disliked, playlists, and stations.
Where to find your transferred music
The YouTube Music app organizes your music a little differently than Google Play Music to give you the best possible listening experience. Here’s how you can navigate to your Google Play Music content:
Liked songs (Thumbs up playlist):
  1. In the YouTube Music app, tap Library .
  2. Tap Playlists .
  3. Tap the Your Likes playlist.
Stations you’ve added to your Google Play Music library can now be found under Playlists in the YouTube Music app. You can view the full song list for your stations by following the steps below.
  1. In the YouTube Music app, tap Library .
  2. Tap Playlists .
  3. Find the playlist (station) that you want to listen to or view.
In YouTube Music, stations are playlists that you can view like any other playlist. Stations with "radio" in their name will not transfer to YouTube Music.
To listen to an artist or radio you’ve listened to in Google Play Music, search for the artist or radio and tap Start Radio.
Uploads and purchases on mobile devices:
  1. In the YouTube Music app, tap Library .
  2. Tap Albums, Songs, or Artists.
  3. Tap the Uploads tab.
  4. You should now see all of your uploaded Albums, Songs, or Artists.
Uploads and purchases on your computer:
  1. Go to in a web browser.
  2. Click Library.
  3. Click on Albums, Songs, or Artists to find the music you're searching for.
  4. Click on the down arrow next to YouTube Music Minimize and select Uploads.
  5. You should now see all of your uploaded Albums, Songs, or Artists.
Transferring family accounts
If you manage your family account, you are the only one who can transfer the billing. Other members of your family can't make the billing portion of the transfer but will transition automatically with your billing transfer unless there are issues meeting our account eligibility requirements.
How to transfer to a YouTube Brand Account
Google Play Music accounts can only be transferred to YouTube Brand Accounts if your Google Play Music account does not have uploaded or purchased content, and only has one manager. Otherwise, you will need to switch to another account (that is not a YouTube Brand Account) to complete the transfer.
Once you have transferred your Google Play Music account to a YouTube Brand Account, you can optionally delete your Google Play Music profile from within YouTube Music. Deleting your Google Play Music profile will delete your listening history and therefore, the music you’ve listened to in the past will not influence your music recommendations in YouTube Music.
Note: You can only do this on a computer at this time.
To delete your Google Play Music profile after transferring to a YouTube Brand Account:
  1. Visit and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on your profile picture .
  3. Click Settings and then Privacy.
  4. Select Delete your Google Play Music recommendations.

Use YouTube Music with other apps/services

Learn how you can use YouTube Music with other apps and services. You can also make YouTube Music your default music on Google Assistant.
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