Get started with YouTube Music

When you open the YouTube Music app, you'll see three tabs to help you jump in and start listening:

  • Home : Check out customized stations and recommendations based on your listening history. When you sign in to YouTube Music with your YouTube account, you'll also see recommendations based on music you've listened to on YouTube.
  • Trending : Find featured music and what's currently popular on YouTube. You can also see suggested playlists to help you discover the hottest new music and artists.
  • Library : See the songs, stations, playlists, and albums that you've liked.

Tap one of these tabs to get started or use search to find songs, artists, and albums. Learn more about how to customize your listening experience with songs and playlists. 

The YouTube Music app is currently available in certain countries, but we're working to expand to more locations.

If you're using the YouTube Music app on an iOS device, you can use the Today Widget to start playback without even launching the app. Learn more about enabling this feature.

Stream with Wi-Fi

Spend less data on your phone when you're on the move by enabling the "Stream via Wi-Fi only" setting. This allows you to take advantage of the Wi-Fi networks you connect to. Remember, you can always take your offline mixtape with you wherever you go.

Note: If you're a YouTube Red member, you can watch videos in your offline mixtape without using data wherever you go.

Amplify the experience with YouTube Red

With a YouTube Red membership, you have access to benefits like background play, ad-free videos, audio mode, and the ability to download and listen offline for up to 30 days. Learn more about YouTube Red and start your free trial.

If you're already a member, check out how to start using your YouTube Red benefits on the YouTube Music app:

YouTube Red is available in certain countries, but we’re working to expand to more locations.

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