Get started with YouTube Music

With YouTube Music, you can listen to the latest hits, stay connected to the artists you love, and discover tons of new music to enjoy on all of your devices.

There are two versions of YouTube Music:

  • Our free, ads-supported YouTube Music.
  • Our premium music service, YouTube Music Premium, which includes benefits like background play, ads-free music, and audio-only mode.

YouTube Music: What is it?

YouTube Music is currently available in these countries. Learn more about using YouTube Music and how to sign up for YouTube Music Premium below.

Using YouTube Music

Navigate the app

When you open YouTube Music, you'll see three tabs. Select any of these tabs or use search Magnifying glass to find all of your favorite songs, artists, and albums.
  • Home : Check out customized stations and recommendations based on your current mood, activity, or listening history. When you sign in to YouTube Music with your Google account, you'll also see recommendations based on music you've listened to on YouTube.
  • Hotlist : Find featured music and what's currently popular on YouTube. 
  • Library : See all of the songs, playlists, and albums that you've added to your library. As a YouTube Music Premium member, you can also scan recently played songs and playlists, and see any music you've downloaded.

Add music to your library

You can add songs or playlists to your library, create customized playlists, and more. Learn about customizing your music experience in YouTube Music.

Manage your music recommendations

To ensure a great music experience that's relevant for you:
  • Sign in to YouTube Music with your Google account—you'll get recommendations based on music you've listened to in YouTube Music and on YouTube. Learn more about how to view, pause, or delete your watch history.
  • Enable location permissions for YouTube Music in your device's settings. This will allow YouTube Music to surface recommendations tailored to your current activity (e.g., "exercising"), location, and more.

Stream via Wi-Fi on mobile

If you're using YouTube Music on your mobile device, you can enable the "Stream via Wi-Fi only" setting to stream over Wi-Fi only and cut down on data expenses.
To enable "Stream via Wi-Fi only":
  1. Select your profile photo.
  2. Select Settings .
  3. Toggle on "Stream via Wi-Fi only."

YouTube Music Premium

With a YouTube Music Premium membership, you get access to benefits like ad-free music, background play, audio-only mode, and the ability to download and listen offline. Learn more about the benefits of YouTube Music Premium and start your free trial.


If you're a YouTube Music Premium member, you can enjoy all of your favorite songs and videos without ads.

Background play

You can also play music in the background on your mobile device—even when you close the app—so that you never miss a beat while doing other things.

Download music offline

As a YouTube Music Premium member, you can download music to your device for up to 30 days. You can also set up an Offline Mixtape, and YouTube Music will automatically download content for you based on your previous listening history.

Use audio-only mode

You can turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading a music video. This allows you to continuously enjoy music from your favorite artists, even if you're experiencing low connectivity or video playback issues.
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