Discover new music with Samples

Samples is a new experience in the YouTube Music app that makes music discovery fun, effortless, and immersive. Browse the Samples tab to find an endless, personalized stream of short music video segments - from new releases to old favorites.

How to use and navigate the YouTube Music App to customize your listening experience

With Samples, you can:

  • Explore new music
  • Save songs to your library or to playlists
  • Share with friends
  • Go to full videos
  • Find related videos that use the song

To find samples in the YouTube Music app, tap Samples in the bottom menu.

Discover new music with Samples

To find Samples in the YouTube Music app, tap Samples in the bottom menu.

  • To start or pause a sample, tap directly on it.
  • To advance to the next sample, swipe down.
  • To return to the previous sample, swipe up.

Save a song to your likes or playlists

While watching a Sample,

  • Tap Like  to save a song to your library
  • Tap Save  to save a song to a playlist. Tap Change to select a different playlist.

View Shorts that used this song

Spark your own creativity by viewing Shorts that feature sampled songs. From the Samples feed, click Shorts on the right side of the screen. You’ll be redirected to the YouTube app to view Shorts created by other users.

To make your own Short featuring the song, tap Use this sound to begin creating.

Note: Some songs can’t be used in Shorts. If you don’t see the Use this sound option next to a Sample, choose another song to save to your Short.

Share samples with friends

If you find a Sample you like, you can share it with your friends using a link or post it to social media.

To share a Sample:

  1. Go to the Samples tab in the YouTube Music app.
  2. Find the sample you want to share.
  3. Tap Share on the right side of the screen.
Select the icon for the platform where you want to share the sample. You can also select Copy to copy the sample link you can paste somewhere else, like an email or text message.

View the full video

When you find a Sample you like, skip to the full video by pressing Play . The full video will begin playing within the YouTube Music app.

Other actions

Tap More on any sample to:

  • Start a radio station based on the song
  • Play the song next
  • Add the song to your queue
  • Go to the album or artist page

If you tap on the album art, you’ll be directed to the album page.

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