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Your yearly and seasonal Recaps include personalized playlists and stats that bring together your top songs, artists, and more from the past year and season.

Recaps are made just for you, based on your music listening history across YouTube platforms. Your Recap gets updated every time a new yearly or seasonal Recap is available. You can always save your previous stats and playlists.

To get future Recap playlists and stats, including your End-of-Year Recap, all you have to do is keep listening to music on YouTube.

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Share your Recap

To share your Recap playlist, follow the steps to share a playlist in YouTube Music.

Eligibility requirements for Recap

  • To view your Recap, you need at least 4 hours of listening time each season for Seasonal recaps, and 10 hours of listening time for End-of-Year Recaps across YouTube platforms.   
  • Recap isn't available to users who have autodelete set up for activity older than 3 months. Find out more about your YouTube watch history settings here.
  • If you listen to mostly made-for-kids music, Recap may be unavailable to you.
  • Recap may also be temporarily unavailable if you recently deleted or edited your YouTube watch history.

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