View your YouTube Music Recap

Your yearly and seasonal Recaps include personalized playlists and stats that bring together your top songs, artists, and more from the past year and season.

Recaps are made just for you, based on your music listening history across YouTube platforms. Your Recap gets updated every time a new yearly or seasonal Recap is available. You can always save your previous stats and playlists.

To get future Recap playlists and stats, including your End-of-Year Recap, all you have to do is keep listening to music on YouTube.

Find your Recap

Open your Recap in YouTube Music

  1. Open the YouTube Music app on your mobile device and sign in to your account.
  2. Select your profile photo and then Your Recap.
  3. To view your stories, tap Get your Recap. You can also download, or share the stories.

If you have photos in Google Photos, and you’ve opted in to the photos feature, they will be featured within Recap. You can download and share each of your photo cards with friends.

If personalized photos aren’t featured within your Recap, you might have to opt-in to the photos feature. To opt-in:

  1. Open your Recap page in the YouTube Music app.
  2. In the Connect to Google Photos banner, select Connect to match your favorite tracks to your pictures.
  3. Pull the Recap page to reload and view your personalized photo album.
    • Note: To see your photos within Recap, you must have photos available in Google Photos.

Note: If you don’t want your photos featured within your Recap, you can opt-out of this feature. To opt-out:

  1. On the Recap page, select Manage Photos.
  2. From the settings page, select Manage photos in Google Photos.

Open your Recap on YouTube

  1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and sign into your account.
  2. Tap the You tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Tap Your Recap is here! to view your Recap. 

You can also visit Music Recap and tap Get your Recap to find your Recap. Then, download and share your Recap as stories. You can also add your Recap playlist to your YouTube Library so you can find it in the future.

Share your Recap

You can share your Recap in a few different ways:

Share playlist (YouTube Music)

  • To share your Recap playlist, follow the steps to share a playlist in YouTube Music.

Share photos cards (YouTube Music only)

  • To share a photo card, select the icon when viewing your Recap page.
  • To download your stats card, select the icon. After downloading, you can share the stats card using other social apps of your choice.

Share stories (YouTube & YouTube Music)

  • To share your stories card, select the icon when viewing your stories.
  • To download your stories cards, select the icon. After downloading, you can share the stories cards using other social apps of your choice.

Eligibility requirements for Recap

  • Make sure you have enough watch history. You’ll need at least 4 hours of music listening time across YouTube platforms per season, and 10 hours of music listening time for end of year Recap. 
  • Your watch history may currently be paused, or was unpaused during the Recap timeframe. View your YouTube watch history settings here
  • Make sure you don’t have auto-delete set up for activity older than 3 months. You can check your auto-delete settings here. If you turned off auto-delete recently, it’s possible that you may still not see your Recap. 
  • Recap isn't available to users who listen to mostly made-for-kids music.

To get to the Recap page using a mobile device, you must have the YouTube app or YouTube Music app installed on your device:

  • YouTube app
    • Android (version 18.43 or newer)
  • YouTube Music app
    • Android (version 5.32 or newer)

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