Videos in YouTube Kids

We’ve built the YouTube Kids app to be a family-friendly place for kids to explore their imagination and curiosity. Videos available in the app are determined by a mix of algorithmic filtering, user input and human review. Videos in YouTube Kids can be discovered in three ways:

  1. Preselected videos on the home screen.
  2. Videos shown through search.
  3. Recommended videos based on previous activity (i.e. base on previous searches or videos watched).

Pre-selected content goes through an additional level of quality control through human review. Videos discovered through search and Recommended videos are selected by our algorithm without human review. Though our system has been tuned and tested rigorously, no algorithm is perfect, and even a perfect algorithm isn't the same as a parent's judgement. This means that it's possible that your child may find content in the app that you may not want your child to watch. If this happens, you can notify YouTube by flagging the video.  We use these flags to improve the app. 

For a more contained experience, you can turn search off. This will allow your child access to content on the homescreen, including content recommended by the app based on previously watched videos. Turning search off reduces the chance of your child finding content you don't want them to watch.

We also will remove videos from the YouTube Kids app where the creator has notified us of a paid product placement or endorsement in their video through YouTube’s paid product placement and endorsement notification tools.

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