Homescreen video categories on YouTube Kids

At the top of YouTube Kids, you’ll notice icons for video content by category:

  • Shows includes kid-friendly programming from popular YouTube creators, family media networks, and new and nostalgic characters.
  • Music includes nursery rhymes, kid-friendly covers, dance tutorials, and sing-alongs.
  • Learning includes content to promote fun, active learning: from ABCs and 123s, to science experiments and language learning.
  • Explore includes content that inspires children to explore the world around them, develop new hobbies, and explore topics they're interested in.
  • Gaming includes content featuring kids' favorite video games and gamers. This category is only shown when you've selected the Older content setting for your child.
  • Shared includes all of the channels and videos on YouTube that you’ve shared with your child. This category only shows if you’ve shared content with them from YouTube. Shared will disappear if you unshare or block all previously shared content.
  •  Watch it again includes videos your child has already viewed but may want to watch again. You can also find channels your child is subscribed to.
  •  Downloads includes all your downloaded videos. You can even watch these videos when you’re not connected to the internet. This category will only be available if you’re a YouTube Premium member or located in a certain country or region.

These categories may change depending on the content setting you have selected for your child. YouTube Kids may periodically introduce temporary categories such as “Reading” to celebrate reading month.

We use a mix of algorithms and human review to select the videos in these categories.

If your child has watched a few videos on YouTube Kids, your child may notice recommended videos in these categories and a Recommended videos category . This category will feature recommendations based on viewing and search history. Recommended videos may also include Watch it again videos and shared content. Learn more about Recommended videos and Watch it again.

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