Info for creators about a supervised experience on YouTube

Supervised experience on YouTube is a new choice for parents to allow their children (under 13 or relevant age in their country/region) to access YouTube through a supervised account. As a creator, this means your videos may be made available in this experience.

What is a supervised experience on YouTube?

Parents can choose from the 3 different content settings on YouTube (Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube). We’ll use a mix of user input, machine learning and human review to determine which videos are included in each content setting. More on these content settings here.

When a parent grants access to YouTube, their child’s experience will feel much like regular YouTube, but with adjustments to the videos they can find and watch, features they can use, default account settings, and ads protections.

Giving feedback on supervised experiences on YouTube

If your videos aren’t currently available in one of the content settings and you believe they should be, please send us your feedback.

While our systems aren’t perfect and will make some mistakes, your feedback will help us improve. Although you won't receive a response to your submission, we do our best to review every video you submit.

Before submitting your feedback, make sure you have read about content settings for families using supervised experiences.

Frequently asked questions

What features aren’t available for supervised accounts?

Some features normally available in YouTube will be turned off for different content setting options. We’ll continue to work with parents and industry experts to introduce more features over time. Go to the list of features here.

Can creators choose to opt-in or opt-out of these content settings?

Not at this time -- we’ll use a mix of user input, machine learning and human review to determine which videos are included.

Will supervised accounts affect all viewers on YouTube?

No, supervised accounts are a new solution for parents and have no impact on monetization or discoverability of your content for regular accounts (not supervised) on YouTube.

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