Watch YouTube Go videos offline FAQs

How do I download audio, music, or mp3 files from YouTube Go?

You can download certain music video files by following the steps to download a video.  

You can’t download audio, music, or mp3 files from the YouTube Go app.

How do I download videos to watch offline on YouTube Go?

  1. Go to the video you’d like to download.

  2. Tap on the video to see the video preview dialog.

  3. Select the video quality you'd like and tap Download to start the downloading process.

Learn more about downloading videos.

Why can't I see my downloaded videos from YouTube in my gallery?

The videos are stored encrypted on the device and cannot be accessed by any other applications. The videos are only accessible via the Youtube Go App.

How do I share videos on YouTube Go?

Learn more about sharing videos on YouTube Go without using data.