Frequently asked questions about YouTube Gaming

Is my YouTube Gaming channel separate from my YouTube channel?

Your channel on YouTube Gaming is the same as on the main YouTube app/site. You’ll sign in to YouTube Gaming with the same Google Account that you use for YouTube.

If you’re a creator, you’ll notice that your channel’s appearance looks different, with a different interface for how your uploads, live archives, and video sections are organized. Learn more about how the channel interface works.

Are the videos on YouTube Gaming not on YouTube? How are they separate?

YouTube Gaming filters videos from YouTube to give you the best experience for watching gaming videos. You’ll find everything that’s in YouTube Gaming on the main YouTube app/site, but only gaming content on YouTube Gaming.

How do I upload videos for YouTube Gaming?

Upload videos to YouTube. If your video is gaming related, it will appear in YouTube Gaming.

If I upload a non-gaming video (like a vlog) to my gaming channel, will it appear in YouTube Gaming?

It will appear on your channel page, but not anywhere else on YouTube Gaming.

How do I start a livestream on YouTube Gaming?

To livestream on YouTube Gaming, just start a stream from the main YouTube site (your stream will appear on in both main YouTube and YouTube Gaming).

Streaming is fast and easy on YouTube. Learn how to get started in this guide.

When I subscribe to a channel in YouTube Gaming, do I get subscribed on my YouTube account?

Yes, when you subscribe to a channel on YouTube Gaming, you’ll see that subscription on YouTube (and vice versa). Learn more about how to manage your YouTube Subscriptions.

However, channels that you’ve already subscribed to may or may not necessarily be synced between YouTube and YouTube Gaming yet, depending on when you subscribed to that channel. If you have any subscriptions that aren’t synced yet, you can combine them YouTube Gaming settings.

How do I make sure my videos are available in YouTube Gaming?

We examine the metadata on your video, along with many other signals, to determine whether it is gaming-related or not. Make sure that you clearly state which game your video features.

How do I customize the way my channel looks?

YouTube Gaming bases the appearance of your channel on your settings on the main YouTube app/site. The color of your channel is based on your channel art, and the sections that appear in your channel are based on the sections in the home tab of your channel.

How does copyright and Content ID affect my videos and streams?

Content ID works the same way it works in the main YouTube app/site. Copyright owners can use Content ID to identify and manage their content on YouTube. Learn more about copyright and Content ID here.

Where is YouTube Gaming available?

YouTube Gaming app is available in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

We are working to make the YouTube Gaming app available globally.

How do I send feedback?

You can use the in-app feedback tool by clicking/tapping on the account menu (your user picture at the top right). Then pick “Help and Feedback” and use the Feedback button to send us your thoughts.

For help and support, please tweet at @TeamYouTube. For the latest updates and info, can also find us on Twitter at @YouTubeGaming.

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