Game pages

The YouTube Gaming app will go away on May 30, but you’ll be able to find all of your favorite gaming videos in the YouTube main app at Learn more about Gaming on YouTube here.

Game pages show YouTube videos from your favorite games. You’ll also find information and reviews about the game. Under the game page art, you’ll see sections that explore and organize videos from that game:

  • About: Information about the game including developer, release date, and more.
  • Explore: A mix of recent and popular videos for the game. Recent live streams , reviews , and Let’s Plays appear here if any have been uploaded.
  • Popular: The most popular videos for the game. Use the dropdown arrow next to Popular to sort by the latest videos and most popular in the past week or all time.
  • My Channels: You’ll see this section if you have added any channels that feature this game.
  • Let’s Plays: Let’s Play vidoes for the game.
  • Publisher: Videos from the official publisher of the game.
  • Spotlight: A YouTube-curated section with interesting videos about the game you’ll definitely want to see. This won’t appear on all game pages.

Add a game

When you add a game, you’ll be able to keep track of all the newest videos and live streams for that game. To add, tap or click the star icon next to the game name.

View added games

You can find your added games under the GAMES section on the left side of your homepage.

Remove a game

To remove a game from your added games, go to the game page and click or tap the check mark .

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