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Upcoming changes to kids content on YouTube.com Today we announced important steps we’re taking to help us better protect data on kids content on Yo…
Video remains blocked after 48hrs after submitted dispute Hi, I've uploaded an unlisted video which has a song flagged by the Content ID, I have a license to …
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my account is disabled plz bring it back? i want my account back plz if you can?
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How do I put content id on my own music? I am trying to place content id on my own music by joining the content id program. It says provide a… Can I take videos from famous youtubers, slap subtitles in my language, and act like it's mine?' A channel in my country (Brazil) has caught my attention. This channel is growing by doing the follo… My mix video of my original songs was blocked. CDBaby said can't upload full albums? Not even a mix? So, I recently release 3 full albums of epic music through CDBaby. 45 songs in total. Each videos of…
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Hello, I want my old youtube account to be no longer visible when search for my name. Hello, I am trying to remove information from being publicly visible when search for my name. My old…
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My Channel is blocked I Want My Channel Recover I Recover My Channel That s it
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Got 1 video contain my info and i been scam I have tried to report it but now it make my life dificult cause of the scamming person uploading my…
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This i was been scam please bring down the video Please bring down this video
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How can I remove the so called information panel which contains offensive lies? I want to remove the fake information panel seen under many truth videos. The song that vanished without a trace There's a video that's a tribute to this model right? And in this video, is a song that plays throug…
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A video of mine is blocked worldwide without any reason Hello, Since Thursday, one of the videos from my channel was suddenly blocked worldwide. I first tho… Blocked user can still see content I have a certain Youtube content creator blocked for personal reasons (would not like to go in detai…
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