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My Channel is Again Under Review for Monetization after changing my Adsense account, help! So I changed my associated Adsense account after updating my email address for my youtube channel as… My channel was demonetized because of repetitious content. This is my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNzRb5jXS7ul5Y7UHmUwE3w i am demonetized because… Monetisation has been disabled on this account due to invalid click activity. How re-enable this Monetisation has been disabled on this account due to invalid click activity.
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70k subscribers, all requirements valid, but Channel Memberships is not available? Hello YouTube Community, My Channel (EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach) has about 70k subscribers. The c…
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if my youtube channel keeps it private can I get paid as usual? if my youtube channel keeps it private can I get paid as usual?
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Trueview gösterimleri 4000 saat hesabımdan düştü Merhaba, ben kanalımı büyütmek ve yeni kitlelere ulaşmak için Ağustos ayından beri Google Ads kullan…
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Cual es la Diferencia entre PUBLICIDAD PERSONALIZAD y publicidad según el CONTEXTO ? Según el siguiente comunicado "Dejaremos de publicar anuncios personalizados en el contenido que tú …
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YouTube channel still under review So YT started reviewing my application for monetization in August 2019, September goes by, No Contac…
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Adsense Application dissaproved Can someone help me? I have decided to create an adsense account to monetize my videos on my YouTube…
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Channel demonetized 4 days after being monetized Hello, Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKWCb4IXcPzpV9SceDcc6g/ My channel got demone…
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Why does it show "0 public watch hours" under the monetization tab in YouTube studio? Hello. I was checking my eligibility for the YPP and for some reason it's showing that I have 0 publ… I made dance videos with some content ID music, review for 5 monts and still waiting. Please Help Hello YouTube, Please give me an advice, I have a YouTube channel that contains dance videos. some o… 🔍 FAQ: Why my application for monetization is still under review? [UPDATE 11/07/2019] We have updated watch hours to only show public watch hours in Studio! Check you…
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Why monetization with Analytics Views is different than views? 01 Ağustos 2019 ve 04 Aralık 2019 tarihlerinde Analytics Bazen: 121,2 Ancak, Parasal Sayfa Görüntüle…
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please my youtube channel is approved Hello YouTube, I recently saw that my monetization feature was not activated "due to YouTube's sever…
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Mengapa jam tayang saya berkurang Mengapa channel youtube saya jam tantonnya berkurang drastis, padahal saya sudah mencapai 4 rb jam t…
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The account was being checked for monetization? now sudden drop in watch hour back to old screen Hey, not sure whats going on, we had reached 4000 watch hour we were waiting for monetization and to…
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Why my YouTube watch hours have decreased from 2800 hours to 1800 in monetization? in the analytics section - 2800 hours for 365 days. All videos are visible, music - from YouTube Mus…
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Watch time has decreased from 3900 to 1350 hours on Monetization page. Hello, My channel ID - UCzdKEfRqGqYJPuwMg_6xNtQ Channel Name - KFortune Channel URL - https://www.yo…
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