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CC/subtitles keep appearing even though the default setting is OFF CC/subtitles keep appearing in the videos I view, even though they’re switched off. My default setti…
0 Recommended Answers 29 Replies 141 Upvotes
My youtube videos does not show up on my computer but it is showing on my phone. I tried to public my video but when I try to go to my channel on my MAC it doesn't show my video it …
0 Recommended Answers 48 Replies 168 Upvotes
لقد حققت قناتي جميع الشروط وقمت بطلب تحقيق الربح ولم يتم الرد منذ شهرين ونصف مرحبا فريق الدعم العربي قد ارسلت طلب تفعيل تحقيق الأرباح منذ أكثر من شهرين ونصف ولكن لم يتم مراجعة ا…
10 Replies
How to create my YouTube community and post photo I try it but no working
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Background play isn't working on Member-only videos Background play isn't working on member-only videos, every time I switched to another app and the me…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Live chat replay wont show up for one of my live streams I recently did a live-stream from my ps4 to my youtube channel. This was my third time doing it and …
0 Recommended Answers 55 Replies 218 Upvotes
I am trying to delete my legacy account but forget email. Could you be able youtube to delete it I am trying to delete a legacy account if its very disturbing a video i made that i cant delete. I h…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
I’m online, but YouTube keeps saying “You’re offline. Check your connection.” I have tried everything from closing youtube and opening it to resetting my iPad, but it still doesn…
0 Recommended Answers 98 Replies 1018 Upvotes
weird account suspension out of no where ?? (andrewS) Not too long ago out of the blue i received an email saying my account got suspended and i was shock…
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 10 Upvotes
Please don’t remove danish songs from YouTube Dear YouTube Please don’t remove all danish songs from YouTube. Just because you and Koda couldn’t c… How to have an gaming account Am trying to have a gaming account
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
My comments are turned off how do I turn them on? Trying to turn on comments Brand New (2 hrs old) Transferred from Personal to Brand Channel - Suspended TL;DR I just made a Brand Channel a little over 2 hours ago. I am new to YouTube and it’s been suspe…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
My Adsense Tax Name I made my account when i was around 13-15 so at the time i didn’t quite understand that i had to put…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Why can I not make my own YouTube channel Like why if you don’t have a computer to set it up I try to do a A lot of things but I can’t it won’t let me so it won’t let me have my YouTube channel…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Bullying and Harrasment I would like to know after reporting several videos of a lady who continues to harass and bullying a…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 15 Upvotes
Why was my account suspended/banned? I sent in a appeal and it got denied but I still have no clue as to why I was suspended or banned or…
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 2 Upvotes
I wanted to know what my violation on my channel and how do I fix it? I've just completed my 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribe but it shows on Google AdSense that I nee…
0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 12 Upvotes
How to enable my external annotations?. what did i do to make it not enabled nothing
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Can minors do singing in 18+ content? So, I talked with this YouTube animator on discord and she was looking for someone to sing in her an…
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