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یایتیتقتبتابتب من کامنت موخوام به من کامنت بدید من موخوام
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My channel fits all conditions, but its monetization does not open. My videos have narrative narrati I have been a content producer for 1 year. I removed all my content videos that would not be eligibl… My chanel recues monetisazion My channel been get1000 subscriber And 4000 waych hour Please review my channel for monetisazion tha…
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Please refund Please refund rs. 60
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WATCH HOURS Hi, I have been facing issue with the watch hours though my videos have reached and gained views and…
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Why i dont subcribe channel? Why I don't subscribe this channel?
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Premium Membership wrongfully expired even though I'm part of the Family Plan I'm part of YT Family Plan for YT Premium but since August 28th, I have been the sole member of the …
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유투브 프리미엄 환불 요청드립니다. 유투브 프리미엄 환불 요청
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Please verify my channel Verify my channel
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My amount got debited twice still i did not get the premium subscription Please help I have paid the amount twice still did not get premium subscription Attached are the payment confirm…
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I am subscriber to flipcart code how use How use to subscribe code free
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Accidentally purchase standard access but i want plus access to BP channel membership. Please advise Cant seem to upgrade it
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https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVb3sghdlGKJnq_rjyG9GuA Please community tab post me my dear YouTube teamp
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I already paid blackpink's channel membetship but not thing happen i already paid membership on blackpink channel but nothing happen still can't access member content
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Suspended account Today youtube suspended my account for no reason, they say that I break the rules but I didn't do an… I just want to ask, my channel is already monetized but still youtube didn't recommend my videos. My channel is JEFTOLOGY. I just want to ask why youtube didnt recommend most of my videos to everyon…
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it should be a montage thats been deleted it should be Best montage)OCE)controler Player:P i tried to get you to get my video back that i really wanted it was a fortnite montage that got dele…
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Verify my channel Verify my YouTube channel Fix button not showing on my channel monetization set up ad Google adsense section. Hello YouTube monetization team unfortunately I was connect my channel Adsense with existing Adsense…
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Please promotion my channel Please promotion my channel
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