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Updated: Today
My issue is not playing videos on andriod My issue is when i open my youtube it dose not work on andriod. its happened when i paste my website…
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HOW DO I BLOCK 'GACHA LIFE' RELATED CHANNELS? CAN I BLOCK CERTAIN WORDS FROM THE SEARCH FACILITY? I want to stop any gacha stuff being shown on my google you tube account. I don't want my kid to see…
0 Recommended Answers 177 Replies 917 Upvotes
Where are the comments When go down to see the comments it shows me this blue text https://youtu.be/Jpgpd62GkPk when i clic…
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I didn't receive my pin yet, to verify my residential address. Will that affect my revenue? Hi, My channel got monetized and I started earning in YouTube. To verify my address ad sense sent me…
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My income is from $100-›$1 My income is from $100-›$1 On July 8, my June income changed from $100 to $1. I don't know why I wan…
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channel is hacked by someone and transfer the primary ownership to their id Hello YouTube Sir My Channel Hacked And Hacker Transfer Primary Ownership To Other Id YouTube Channe…
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Dear youtube need help Dear you tube. I got 2 stick. I all ready maild still got update.. Plz Dear you tube. There are many videos in you tube which have similar type of content but why my video…
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How do i make videos I'm trying to make videos
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Our revenue got reduced so many times. We want our revenue back. I want my reduced revenue back.
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AdSense account has mistakenly changed from an individual account to a business account Dear, Sir/Mam I created an AdSense account when my YouTube channel was monetized But instead of Indi…
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How to turn off " made for kids" ?... I am an adult and i want to use youtube like i used to. I need to turn off "made for kids"
0 Recommended Answers 104 Replies 902 Upvotes
May i give you my bank accounts for aern in YouTube account May I give you my bank account for earn in YouTube account please help me for earn I want to teach jn YouTube Please secure my privacy I want to teaching in YouTube account please give me prosise for my good ways I am middle class pers…
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Why are my videos restricted to some accounts? They are entirely made for kids and not appropriate. I have tried to change my account settings, however still my videos appear to be restricted to some …
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Hi, I have a problem searching my channel. When I search for my name or "Ale ssio" my channel does I tried to search my youtube channel also with the in-depth sections
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How Do I Get My Youtube Channel Back When I Have 3 Copyright Strikes? I Work So Hard On A Lot Of Video Subscribers and Comments. And Can You Please Get My You Channel Bac…
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how do i add my music to an uploaded video im trying to put music on my uploaded videos ,i never had a problem before but am now.plus i would l…
0 Recommended Answers 42 Replies 443 Upvotes
How do I get video which I search? Can't find video which I search.how can I get video?
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A new Youtuber who is uploading movies from about 3 months hasn't got any copyright. I have seen a Youtuber who has been uploading hindi movies from 3 months and his video's aren't remo…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 15 Upvotes
Why a user can't report an ad but can only report video? Lack of moderation over ads. For some reason misleading ads like these are floating under the radar …
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