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Sir Please help me my channel Please help me My channel Can i get quoted a discounted subscription price i feel like 10 dollars is too much Read question Refund my money My money refunf When I try to post NORMAL comment each time I get message :"Returned error". How to solve it ? Thnx I can not post NORMAL COMMENT on You Tube. Each time I get notice written with red letters:"Returned…
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i can't click on the "read more" for long comments without having to reply it. i already tried redownloading the app but it didn't work.
0 Recommended Answers 51 Replies 334 Upvotes
Youtube page won't load Hey, I have been unable to load YouTube webpage since last night. As it continued today, I tried reb…
0 Recommended Answers 165 Replies 834 Upvotes
Theater Mode no longer defaults on subsequent videos. Why? After setting a video to Theater Mode, all subsequent videos defaulted to Theater Mode. Yesterday AL…
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Every video keeps pausing after only playing for a little bit Every video I watch will play for a few seconds (sometimes a minute if I'm lucky) and then it would …
0 Recommended Answers 283 Replies 2175 Upvotes
How can I block certain channels? Block certain channels from being viewed.
0 Recommended Answers 154 Replies 2961 Upvotes
Emailed a have a subscriber to my channel, I DON’t have a channel. What’s going on?? I don’t have a YT channel so why was I sent an email saying “JJ” subscribed to me? I followed the em…
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How Do I Turn Off Autoplay How do I turn autoplay off? I'm starting to get sick of not being able to find anything anywhere tha… Three Dots and Length No Longer Showing This seems to be an ongoing on and off issue. When I am logged in, the YT recommended video page no …
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How to send a superchat?. I live in india but its showing that its not available in my region. I can’t send any super chat to any of the live streams. I live in india and its available here but t…
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i can't skip ads at all???? i don't understand why i can't skip ads at all is there an option i didn't do or something ????? Is that possible to get a video removed without filling the privacy form with all our personal info? I am contacting you today because there is a video on youtube on which I appear as a child, however … Comment History not showing anything, haven't change any settings I have commented on videos, but cannot find the comments unless I go back to the video and scroll. I… لم تتم الموافقة على قناتي وفيديوهاتها حصرية مرحبا لم تتم الموافقة على قناتي للمرة الثانية والرد محتوى مُعاد استخدامه قناة تعيد استخدام محتوى لمس…
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My videos are not opening I want to watch movies but they are not playing
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کانال ها باز نمیشن و همش خطا میده کانال ها باز نمیشن
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Rented a movie and it’s not in my account to watch. I rented a movie last night with my card on a friends YouTube page and the movie isn’t in the librar…
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