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WHAT IS USING GOOGLE IMAGES FOR VIDIO BACKGROUND ALLOWED? IF NO, WHAT TYPES OF PICTURES CAN BE USED? WHAT IS THE USE OF THE PICTURE AS THIS IS ALLOWED FOR VIDEO BACKGROUND ON YOUTUBE? All my videos and subscriptions are gone from my YouTube account. Videos are still on YouTube but somehow they are not in my channel anymore. The name of my channel is also changed to my personal name. PLEASE HELP, I cant find any help anywhere!! Please help
0 Recommended Answers 41 Replies 59 Upvotes
playing same two songs on autoplay Hello there I really love the autoplay feature as it often helps me discover new music but recently …
0 Recommended Answers 194 Replies 725 Upvotes
How can I go about claiming an inactive username? I will be eligible for a custom URL in 5 days and I am keen to claim a username of an inactive accou… I upload a custom thumbnail and it keeps showing the autogenerated thumbnails instead! Help! I tried png and jpg and neither of those will stay as the thumbnail I want to claim official company name for my youtube channel but I am not able to do so because of an error that says, "Many people have the same name. Add a few extra letters or numbers to make this URL unique to you." can you help me? I can't claim my channel name.
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Insufficient access to Brand Account I am a Communication Manager and we have a company/brand account that was set up by my predecessor. …
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 1 Upvote
I want to play a Youtube movie in another language Normally my YouTube settings are set to English. But at the moment I am learning Spanish. I have bou…
0 Recommended Answers 78 Replies 444 Upvotes
Is there a reason why YouTube Studio will not open or load? Trying to find out why my YouTube studio will not open or load on my desktop.
0 Recommended Answers 29 Replies 126 Upvotes
Someone else using my account I logged onto my Gmail on a PC in a school I was working as a substitute in recently. I thought I ha… Can I have Access To The Community Tab On YouTube!? Hi Hello YouTube, I was one of the few small YouTube channels to signup for the Creator Academy a fe… Why is my Community tab not showing up even if I reached over 1,000 subscribers? I have reached over 1,000 subscribers but realized that my Community tab is not showing up and the d…
0 Recommended Answers 27 Replies 84 Upvotes
after merging my youtube brand account with my main account nothing comes up? like it is all gone trying to see my videos, views and subscribers. as well as start the monetizing process How can I obtain a Community Tab? I've got nearly 3,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I've seen smaller channels with 1,000 ha… how do I block someone from seeing my channel? Am trying to block a certain someone from seeing my channel and any videos I might have saved in pla…
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