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Updated: Yesterday
I pay for premium to not see ads.Everyone is plugging sponsors in their videos! Surely thats an ad? I pay a large monthly fee to not see ads, but yet all the creators are plugging their sponsors and a…
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Как вернуть деньги за Youtube Premium? Я Я был во Вьетнаме в течение двух месяцев. Там не работал, но с меня взяли. Прошу вернуть платеж за д…
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how to stop youtube ads when youtube premium is not available in my country? Ads are getting annoying and more frequent, and I'm willing pay the 10 bucks or so to get rid of the… YoutubeTV app on AppletTV no longer allows seek fwd or rev. Grey only seek bar position stuck left. Rebooted AppletTV multiple times but problem persists Verified seek works on iOS phone Verified seek…
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I just got charged for YT Premium, despite them saying I wouldn't be billed for a month. Why? The window said "You will be billed on: March 18" But all of the sudden, I get this notification. Wh…
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I have purchased YouTube premium for 6 months. For the second month I have been charged. I have purchased YouTube premium for 6 months from Flipkart. I was charged $129 for the second month…
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Can't fast-forward through any videos anymore. Can this be fixed? I'm trying to fast forward through videos and that feature seems prohibited now. Why would YouTube d…
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